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Get Free Marriage Astrology Predictions By Date Of Birth

Astroved September 9, 2020

If marriage is on your mind, you may have many questions about this very important event in your life. They could range from the time of marriage to the kind of person who will make a good life partner for you. In most parts of the globe, people still get married, hoping that the marriage will last a lifetime. Hence, it is an issue of utmost importance to an individual. Sometimes, marriage may get delayed for some reason or the other. This can cause worry and anxiety as people fear that marriage will elude them altogether, or that chances of finding the person of their dreams will diminish with time. Some others may also have many doubts if the marriage will work or if it will end in divorce after some years. Such people need not worry, for Astrology can clear all their doubts and offer concrete answers.  

What are Marriage Predictions?

Marriage Astrology is an important sub-sect of Astrology. Astrologers analyze the horoscope of a person and make marriage predictions for him/her. They will predict the probable time of the marriage and also the possible post-marriage outcomes. This is astrology prediction by birth date, as the birth chart is made based on the person’s date of birth. With the help of these marriage predictions, you can decide when to get married and to whom. Timing is important in astrology, for it can decide the outcome of an event. Things that happen at the right time have happy outcomes, and those that happen at inauspicious times have negative outcomes. This is why Vedic astrology has a branch called Muhurtha Astrology, which specializes in calculating auspicious times for important events in a person’s life like marriage, childbirth, the launch of a new business venture, buying/selling a house, taking up a new job, and many more.  


Why Marriage Prediction?

One of the key tools in marriage astrology is Kundli Matching. In this process, the Kundlis or horoscopes of the boy and the girl are matched for compatibility. Areas for matching include socio-economic status, educational and professional backgrounds, personalities, health, life span, compatibility, and many more. Astrologers who specialize in Marriage Prediction Astrology analyze various aspects of the birth chart and examine the planetary positions in it to make their predictions. This helps them to find out if and when the marriage will take place, if it will be an arranged or a love marriage, and if it will be happy and successful, etc. 

Marriage Predictions based on Date of Birth

The rules of Astrology were framed many centuries ago by the wise sages or Rishis of Vedic times. Vedic astrology is believed to be a form of divine knowledge. Despite the march of science and technology, Astrology has prevailed over the naysayers and the critics who rubbished it as mere superstitious nonsense. Astrology is a science, and those who practice it make scientific calculations to arrive at accurate predictions, instead of relying on intuition or inspired guesswork. 

Your date of birth holds the key to your life. At the time of your birth, the stars and planets occupied certain positions in the sky. The birth chart is nothing but a map of the sky when you were born. The unique alignment of the planets then decided your destiny. Using the natal chart, the astrologer deciphers many things about you – your personality, your talents, the major events in your life, and so on. If it’s your marriage you want to know about, the astrologer will study the 7th house in your birth chart and the planets occupying it and those that aspect it. The 7th house is the house of partnerships, including marriage. Planets like Venus and Jupiter are important in marriage astrology. So their positions can help determine things like how your marriage will turn out to be, how your life partner will be, etc.  

Free Marriage Reports

Using software available online, one can generate free marriage reports that will create a birth chart and offer marriage predictions based on the planetary positions in the chart. But it is always better to go for a consultation with an astrologer if you want more accurate and detailed predictions. They can also offer services like Kundli Matching, analysis of Doshas and Yogas that can impact your marriage. In case there are problems, they can offer appropriate remedies as well. 

Marriage is a gamble of sorts. Even in a love marriage, sometimes things go wrong. Or partners may hide things from us. But astrology can throw light on all these things, through Marriage Predictions by date of birth astrology, thereby ensuring that you have a long and happy married life.  

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