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Get The Best Experience About The Paintings of Jerusalem and Sukkah Murals

artlevin December 29, 2021

The masterwork artist Alex Levin elaborates about his experience at Israel which was 3 decades back. He was moved by Jerusalem and decided the city had a center of his work. He further says that Jews wanted to come back to their holy motherland but it was only after 1967 that they were able to make it. Defense soldiers landed in the old city and freed it from Jordanians. The artist has created paintings of Jerusalem relatable to Jewish temples, later destroyed by Babylonians followed by Roman destruction.

kotel jerusalem painting

Alex is trying to reveal the holy character of the Jerusalem city. Beautifully he said that God has divided the beauty into 10 parts and nine of which he gifted to Jerusalem, which remarkably shows how arrogant the city looked. Artist considers Jerusalem as the most beautiful city on this blue planet earth. In his Jerusalem paintings, he has drawn most astonishing places where prayer took place by Jews and also the synagogue where they lived and celebrated their holidays. The city is without mosques. Through his paintings, the artist has depicted how Jews prayed since the time of Abraham and their prayers appeal to almighty. For their prayers ask for a messiah to come and settle the world with peace and harmony. In a good manner, holy secrets of Jerusalem have been revealed.

You can buy your choice of painting at the link available above at affordable prices. The artist has really tried to put a large amount of hard work in order to adorn the walls of your houses. For sure, his artwork will be embraced by you and others. The way he has elaborated will allow you to remember the past and live every moment after seeing that picture on the wall.

Other masterpieces include the sukkah murals. The Jewish paintings by Alex Levin are no less than a gem. Every remarkable detail on his art piece remarks how to a large extent he has observed details. The quality of the artwork is just amazing. The same light that spills from Alex’s paint is reflected on the art banners. These of his works are affordable and quality work as a whole.

Jerusalem and Jewish Paintings

Many of his Sukkah Art Banners include- The walls of Jerusalem, Old streets of Jerusalem,  Welcome to Jerusalem, Temple- The soul of Jerusalem, Birds eye view of the Kotel in Jerusalem, Sunrise behind the Kotel in Jerusalem, Friday night at Kotel in Jerusalem ,Golden Jerusalem, Projecting the astonishing energy of Jerusalem, Light of the third Jerusalem Temple, Old Jerusalem behind the olive tree, Jerusalem old city at night, Second Jewish temple in Jerusalem, Street in the old city of Jerusalem, Migdal David Morning Glow and many more of his fabulous works which will leave you awestruck and amazed .

The realistic human figures, warm weather , usage of different shades of a particular color, the buildings , details in the clothing, blue skies ,clouds and many more to admire about. They are ready to add décor and spirit to your Sukkah walls. These paintings are durable for a longer period of time as they are painted with latex inks which also provide vibrancy to the artwork. Also, it has pre-installed metal grommets for easy mounting, UV inhibitors for outdoor use and fade resistance. You will not regret buying them and will be able to learn about the ancient time of Jerusalem along with leaving a legacy for upcoming future generations to embrace the past. The idyllic scenes of Israel and Judaism often will add beauty to your Sukkah walls, and you will be attached to it at a spiritual level as the artist did.

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