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Getting in the Spirit of Giving — The Ultimate CBD Flower Gifts

jobooni August 24, 2020

The ultimate CBD flower gifts are unique and they are delicious and healthy.  Others may be a mom or dad; a sister or brother; your best friend or coworker on their birthday, mother’s day, father’s day and all the other special days.

The Ultimate CBD Flower Gifts — CBD Personal Care Products

If your mom or aunt or sister enjoy moisturizing their face as a daily routine, gift them CBD flower infused facial cream for Mother’s Day or their birthday. It is a different product, but it is a routine of self-care they are familiar with.

Perhaps your father or brother or uncle are into biking, swimming or are on the community baseball team and you have heard them complain of sore muscles that plague them. Gift them with CBD flower oil capsules, moisturizing cream or roll-on because you know it will help them to enjoy these activities without muscle exacerbation. Be sure and include reading material with the product so that the inquisitive one in the family can be satisfied with information.

Then there is the family member or co-worker or neighbor who suffers endlessly with health challenges. Once you have taken CBD flower in any form and it relieved pain, restored homeostasis and quieted anxiety and panic attacks, you will want others to have the same experience.

CBD flowers come in various forms of healing. Some choose blunts or vaping as the delivery method. Others prefer CBD flower gummies, each one with 25 mg CBD. These do go through your digestive system but still you feel the stabilizing effects momentarily.

The Ultimate CBD Flower Gifts – CBD Infused Salves and Lip Balm

CBD wax is used to make several different products like gel, salves and lip balm.  There is a CBD Oil Shave Gel that is formulated for dads to get a close shave and skin without razor burn.  CBD Oil Hair Gel adds moisture to the hair as well as to the scalp. CBD moisturizes in a way that brings health to your skin and hair that lasts.

Then the third personal care product is CBD infused lip balm. Does your loved one work outside, like to go fishing in the elements or perhaps playing golf out on the green or play tennis? All these activities can result in chapped dry lips that are desperately in need of CBD lip balm.

CBD Pre-Hemp Rolls

Dad’s Father’s Day basket is not complete without some hemp flower pre-rolls. These are simple and ready to use the minute dad takes the bow off his basket. And he can enjoy them in two different flavors – Hawaiian Haze or Lifter.

CBD Blunts

The organic vegan-friendly CBD blunt wraps are perfect for the dad who loves the smoke at the close of his day! Dr. Strains CBD blunt wraps come two in a pack! Besides that, every wrap is infused with CBD!

This is a way to smoke the hemp flower in an all-natural way for those who are not keen about the traditional tobacco flower wraps. They are four flavors to choose from:

  • Original Green CBD+
  • Maui-Mango
  • Pineapple Paradise
  • Grape Ape

Are you looking for CBD bud products? Dr. Strains CBD only sources its CBD bud from small hemp farms. Check out our online shop or visit our website for more information:

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