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Gift Your Loved Ones The Best Surprise Box

Walterrichards August 19, 2021

Cherishing your loved ones isn’t subjected to any occasion. And there’s no better way to show them how loved they are other than gifting them a surprise box. 

A box that has all the items they would love.

A box that would show them how precious they are to us.

A simple gift box that would allow them to feel overwhelmed with joy.

However, to give such a box of love, you need first to gauge their point of interest. So, you need to check the category first, whether it’s your mother, father, sister, brother, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, aunt, uncle— you need to know what excites them and makes their heartbeat. If you’re unsure about what to gift these loved ones, head over to our website and check out the Explosion Box. The box is easily customizable and we’re sure you’ll like it.

When gifting a personalized preset, Identify what the other person likes. There might be a specific thing they want or something they desperately need. A surprise box can range from a simple menu picnic kit to a PS4. It depends on which personality they relate to the most. Some of which, along with surprise box choice, are listed below:

If They Are The Sporty Ones

Identify whether they are more of indoor or an outdoor person. If they are more indoor and like to play video games, gift them a home video game console.

If they are more into indoor strategy games, give them Ludo or snakes and Ladders, or Chess or a mini Carrom. A deck of cards or Uno or a Monopoly game would do well too. 

If They Like It Outdoors

Get them their favorite sport set as the surprise box. 

The (always) Lazy

For this special kind of person, you can be a little slothy. Get them a box with different types of sleep eye masks and a digital activity tracker watch.

This gift will make sure they can check all their activities throughout the day, check notifications, and set alarms so that they don’t miss out on sometimes important or your special get-togethers. 

The Skincare Junkie

Sure as hell they care the most about their morning and night skincare regime. So get them a box filled with sheet masks and facial rollers. They would thank the heavens for having you in their life.

But make sure never to gift anyone poor quality skincare just because it is cheap. It can damage their skin, and they might as well curse the hells.

The Make-Up Enthusiast

For that one friend who loves to experiment with their make-up, a box full of different colors of good quality cream face paint is a dream come true.

You can check out their new avatar and be thankful that this surprise box idea came in handy for you.

The Aesthetic Drunk

If you are looking for something for this type of person, match their aesthetic type first. Which aesthetic do you think fits the best with their lifestyle? Is it vintage? Trippy? Baddie? Cottagecore?

Light academia or maybe light academia? Get an idea of their aesthetic and get a box accordingly. There are various choices to choose from, starting with vinyl records to semi-painted small mirror glasses.

The Bookworm

Get them the bestsellers of their favorite genre(s) and a box of tissues as they might cry out of sheer happiness and joy.

The Painter

What can be a better gift for a painter if not a canvas and a variety of paintbrushes? 

The Tech-Savvy

Although they probably might have one already.

This person would love smart headphones alongside an AI-powered digital assistant.

The Nature Lover

No, do not give them seeds, please! Instead, gift them an app-controlled sprinkler water system for their lawn and plants so that they can handle it with their mobile phones whenever they satisfy their thirst for traveling.

After this, they can enjoy your plans without worrying about their beloved plants. 

The Fitness Freak

While they spend their time in the gym lifting weights or doing pilates, you can make sure they stay hydrated at all times.

By giving them a rechargeable smart water bottle that tracks their hydration levels and works with both iOS and Android.

The Eco-Conscious

Make your zero waste surprise box by adding a compostable bamboo toothbrush, earbuds and cutlery, a stainless steel straw, and a neem comb.

Don’t forget to wrap them up in some recycled paper and jute twine before gifting them.

The Mother/ Mother Figure

Hands down, they are the most caring humans ever. That’s why gift them something they longed for but never had the chance to have. Add a letter in the gift box that has your sincere feelings for them written in it.

If they love something, like accessories or candles, add them too in the box, and you are good to go.

The Foodie

These kinds are the easiest to satisfy, so get a big box and fill it to the brim with their favorite snacks.

And you are all set to set them on a rollercoaster of different happy emotions.

The Drunkard

Get them a carton of their favorite alcohol and top it up with some packaged finger foods.

This would be the ultimate gift box for them. Along with those foodie types, these types are also easier to satisfy.

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