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Guidelines to Clean Your Georgette Fabrics

sareez August 30, 2016

Midnight Blue Faux Georgette Embroidered Festival Lehenga Choli

Georgette is one of the popular fabrics opted by many these days. But first let’s discuss what georgette fabric is- it is a crinkly, sheer crape fabric that is both drapable and soft to touch. The pebbly appearance on georgette is owing to the slightly twisted yarn it is made of. The sad part about this using this material is that it stretches and wrinkles easily, which causes damage to your outfit and can fray it badly. In comparison to chiffon it is more durable but cannot be easily sewn easily like organza.

Turquoise Blue Faux Georgette Embroidered Festival Lehenga Choli

How to Take Care of Georgette Fabrics:

These days online shopping offers you the advantage of buying pure georgette fabric, however, it is necessary to take proper care of this material to make your favorite outfit usable for a long time. Read on to find more about proper cleaning and maintenance of your georgette fabrics. Fading and washing off can pose a huge problem if this fabric is not cleaned in a proper fashion. Here’s want you need to do:

Cleaning Requirements- The things that you will need for cleaning this fabric include

  • Tub or sink
  • A mild detergent
  • Water
  • A drying rack (optional)

Steps for Proper and Effective Cleaning- Although, georgette is a strong fabric, it is best to opt for hand washing.

  • Step 1– Firstly, you will need to fill the tub or sink with cold water
  • Step 2- Next, you have to add a significantly small amount of your mild detergent and mix it properly in the water
  • Step 3– Now, you have to place the piece of georgette clothing into the mixture and gently, using your hands, swish the material in the water
  • Step 4– After this, remove the piece of clothing from the water and detergent mixture and then squeeze it properly to get rid of the excess water. Try to avoid stretching or wringing the georgette fabric as it can result in the outfit losing its original shape.
  • Step 5– Now rinse the fabric using clean water
  • Step 6- Once again you have to squeeze out the excess water from the clothing
  • Step 7- Finally, lay down the piece of clothing on a drying rack or flat surface, allowing it to air out and cry completely

The above guidelines, if followed properly, will ensure longevity of your georgette fabric.

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