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Have A Look At The Latest Trends in Bathroom Tiles

johnmiller3413 February 23, 2021

Curious about the latest trends in bathroom tiles to renovate your bathroom? Read this article and you will know everything you need to know in a few minutes. This useful and practical information is as per the experience and the feedback from tile users worldwide. 

Go For A Playful Combination 

Nowadays, most people choose to cover one wall with the design tiles and the other walls with plain tiles to prevent the architecture from being stimulated too much. The combination is playful yet still radiates calmness. You can use different shades of porcelain tile to achieve this result. 

The Same Style Wall and Floor

Today, most of the old-fashioned patterns are no longer followed. The trend now is that the floor tiles are extended to the wall, in the same color and style. Those who like something creative can alternate the plain tiles with decorative tiles within the same series. 

Trend in Dimensions

In terms of dimensions, customers today opt for more uniformity in design and fewer joints. Especially bathroom tiles in size 8” x 8”  are much in demand. People are also very fond of the larger XXL sizes that go up to ceiling height. However, there are still people who opt for medium and small-size tiles because of cost-technical and practical reasons. Like – the installation of the large bathroom tiles is laborious and therefore relatively more expensive.


The trend of recent years has also continued this year with regard to materials. Glass, Shell, Metal, Ceramic, and Porcelain tiles, are very much in demand. In addition, wood and marble-look tiles are also in trend. With wood-look tiles, you get a beautiful sauna-like atmosphere without dealing with moisture problems that you encounter when using real wood.

Terrazzo look – A Retro Trend 

You know these tiles from the bathroom of your grandparents: tiles in which many small stones were implanted together. For some reason, they have fallen out of style, but these attractive terrazzo-look tiles are back with new stunning designs. 

3D And Relief Ceramic Tiles 

Other significant trends within the decorative tile segment are 3D or ceramic relief tiles. These tiles give your bathroom wall a beautiful dynamic appearance. A beautiful series within this type of tiles is the Wave 3D collection of the Oasis tiles. 

Gold and Bronze Are in Demand

A few years ago, bathrooms were often soberly furnished with white and gray. In recent years we have seen that furnishings have become increasingly exuberant. Today we see a lot of marble-inspired tiles with a luxurious feel. For accessories such as taps in bathrooms, a lot of gold and bronze are used. These colors are also preferred for the tiles. 

Final Words

Depending on the composition and the making process, tiles have different looks and strengths. When choosing, do not only rely on appearance but also on maintenance and ease of use. If you have some unique design idea for your dream bathroom, sellers like OASISTILES can help you with the best advice.

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