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Healthy Way of Exercising: Stay Safe and Avoid Injuries

Ariel January 8, 2015

Exercising regularly, is one of the keys to having a healthy and fit body. Ancient Romans used to say a sound mind in a sound body, this proverb of old holds much wisdom in it today, as it did on the day that it was first said. Being in a top condition physically also affects your mind in the most positive and productive way possible. Clearly a win-win situation. It is known, that a regular exercise is not something that only professional athletes do, but a thing of necessity and wisdom for any modern working man. Being in a healthy physical condition is as important for intellectual work as it is for physical.

Little known is the fact that chess mastermind Bobby Fisher used to run for miles and miles, on a daily basis in order to stay in shape. When confronted about this by a journalist he said that first time that he had to think about the pain in his back rather than about his game, he was bound to lose. With this in mind, we can see that no matter what we do, regular physical exercise is must, if we want to achieve top results in any field of work. The most important thing is to know how to prevent your exercise from turning into something painful and counterproductive. Here are few simple advices.

Stretch and warm up

Stretch and warm up

Although to some, this might seem as a waste of time, something unnecessary or simply silly looking, stretching and warming up in the right way may minimizes, if not completely eliminates your chance of injury. Taking some time from your exercise, in order to properly prepare your body for all the hardships it is about to endure in the nearest future, should never be skipped or overlooked. Truly something that you should pay special attention to.

Make sure to take your time to do all the stretching properly, as well as to warm up. You can even warm up in a several short rounds with strategically implanted breaks in between, since this will give your muscles a chance to warm up and cool down, providing it with much needed preparation for the exercise to come. After you have done all of this, you will be well on your way to start your safe and productive exercise.

The proper equipment

The proper equipment

Always use the right tool for the right job. Make sure to wear your training adjusted equipment, since it will utilize the way you practice to the fullest and make you injury safe for the most part. When it comes to the equipment, being that the most frequent exercise, no matter what the goals of your exercises are is cardio, so naturally your running shoes should be the most important piece of your equipment.

Running in shoes that are not meant, or adjusted for the job, may result in a severe foot injuries, consequences of which may sometimes be dire if untreated immediately. That’s why if you ever encounter this sort of problem make sure to visit a sports podiatry. Even if not in pain, or not suffering from an injury it would be extremely wise move to go for a routine preventive checks from time to time, since it could save you a lot of effort and concern in the future.

Take it slow

When starting to exercise, make sure to be aware of your possibilities and do not try to compete in endurance with people who have been exercising regularly for years now. Your will is great, no doubt about that, but it is your body’s possibility to follow up with your dreams what you should be concerned about. Take it easy, take it slow and most important of all take it safe. Start with a light exercises and as your endurance improves feel free to raise the bar of your expectations. With all this in mind, your exercise is bound to turn into something both fun and at the same time a complete success judging by its end result.

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