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Hemp Swimsuits – The Most Eco-Friendly and Stylish Beach Wear

alicesmith June 26, 2021

Whenever you put on that fancy swimwear and hit the pool on a hot summer afternoon, you probably don’t think about Greta Thunberg. But just like Greta, you surely care about eco-friendliness. Even as you lie on the sandy beach on a breezy afternoon, it suits the occasion to do so in a stylish echo-friendly swimsuit.

You therefore want to find a sustainable shopping store to buy swimwear online and that is why Nina Green Collective is your trusted destination. Nina Green Collective is stocked with the best hemp swimsuits. And if that is your preference, we will inform you why your choice is supreme. This article is the perfect read for you to find out why Hemp swimsuits are the ideal eco-friendly wears.

Why Hemp Swimsuits?

When shopping for a swim suit, the material of the product must reign in your mind to help inform your choice alongside stylistic fashion. And that is exactly why hemp swimming suits fits the choice.

  • Material: Hemp is a sustainable natural fabric. It grows without the need for pesticides, making it your ideal eco-friendly product. It also enriches the soil and helps get rid of carbon dioxide in the air. This fabric is also not manufactured with some of the extreme chemicals that companies are known to use these days to make synthetic fabric.

Hemp fabric is also UV and chlorine-resistant. Additionally, it is anti-microbial and very long lasting.

Hint: If you care about durability besides fashion and eco-friendliness, Nina Green Collective is the go-to place when shopping for swimming suits for women and men. Remember the sand particles might have a wearing off impact on your suit in the beach and you’d prefer something enduring.

  • Stretch: The lack of mass synthetic material (which is common in other fabrics) in hemp swimsuits doesn’t mean that the swimsuits are not stretchy. So do not get overly concerned because the material is still professionally designed to maintain sufficient stretch.
  • Ocean friendliness: If you are in search for ocean-friendly swimwear, natural fibres cause minimal harm to this delicate ecosystem because the fibres break down organically. Therefore, if you want to buy swimwear online, shop with us prior to your coastal vacation for the most fashionable and ocean-friendly hemp swim-suits.

Nina Green Collective is your first destination for obtaining the best ethical and eco-friendly hemp swimsuit and beach wear that will give you the perfect blend with the oceanic environment.

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