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Here Is Why Muslim Couples Should Go for Umrah on Their Honeymoon.

sitarragul January 13, 2021

The term “Umrah” in Arabic means “visiting a populous location.” Umrah is an occasion for Muslims to renew their religion, seek salvation, and pray for their wishes. One who does this is believed to have been liberated of their sins. It could be accomplished at any time of each year, except for the five days when the Hajj occurs. The pilgrim must be in the state of Ihram, which is derived from the Arabic word “Harama”, which means prohibited. The name represents the assumption that pilgrims ought to reach a divine state of about perfection during Umrah. There will be no dispute, no swearing, no foul words. Any animal must not be negatively affected even killing an insect would breach the condition of Ihram and invalidate Umrah. Pilgrims are not permitted to cut, shave or pluck any hair, cut their nails, wear make-up or perfume or consume any other items. To do all of these will nullify Ihram in compliance with Islamic law. Umrah is performed to please Allah so one should not forget it and try to please Him in every possible way. We are aware of the notion that Muslims prefer to perform Umrah but another main thing is that newly married couples choose to go for Umrah to gather Allah’s blessings. It is emerging as the most famous trend of visiting holy places and to pray to Allah. By availing cheap Umrah packages couples visit the holy Ka’bah and are the guest of Allah’s house with their spouse and try to gather as many blessings as they can. Every girl wants to marry the man of her dreams and most specifically to go on a honeymoon. We understand that Muslim spouses don’t have any premarital dates, so the possibilities are that when you’re actually married, you understand almost nothing about your partner. You really know just the stuff you questioned until you got married, but there are many other aspects you can discover about each other.

Abu Huraira (Allah be pleased with him) reported Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) as saying:

“It is not lawful for a Muslim woman to travel a night’s journey except when there is a Mahram with her”.

Reference: Sahih Muslim 1339 a

It is evident from the above Hadith that a woman can go anywhere with a mahram but not with anyone else. So, going anywhere with your husband as a newlywed couple is not restricted in Islam unless you do something that is prohibited.

There is a saying that “If you really want to know a person, travel together”. Doing Umrah is a wonderful chance to appreciate your marital life and pursue the blessings of Allah for your potential Umrah Packages are available everywhere to facilitate you with the best in a cost-effective way. Newly married couples must seize this opportunity to raise their emotional bond, which will certainly make their time together worth recalling. It could be a wonderful chance for Muslim couples who are recently married to recognize one another while doing Umrah at the very same time to pursue the riches of Allah. Try to get to know each other and it will help you escape pitfalls. And because Muslim partners continue on a honeymoon from zero, it’s a lot easier to figure out what bugs you regarding your partner and to discuss more about compromises you might make. In the Muslim community, people don’t date, they do not have affairs, and the truth is that you really don’t cover your entire personalities until you got married. We all are complex beings. Well, the honeymoon is the ideal intend to begin interviewing each other, enjoy time together and learn. It is a good gesture to perform Umrah before anything else as a Nikahfied couple.

The following are some of the key reasons why Umrah is the best tour for newly married couples:

Break from Daily Routine

When you get married, no doubt life changes a lot. It would be more difficult to adjust to any situation immediately. Through cheap Umrah packages, you can travel for Umrah to reduce your anxiety. Undoubtedly, the holiest spot on earth is perhaps the most pleasant and peaceful location. Where you can only follow Allah and leave behind all earthly matters.

Fantastic beginning of your new life

A good beginning absolutely matters in any facet of life. If the beginning is perfect, you can expect the future to be fine, so if the starting is not up to standard, you will need to try incredibly hard and plan very diligently to make things better. You’re initiating your new start when you get married. An ideal start will be to plan a journey to Umrah as a honeymoon because you can be confident of a good start and predict the future of your life to be healthy and secure.

Strengthen your relationship

Performing Umrah as your honeymoon will absolutely please Allah that you remembered Him instead of visiting some other place. He will certainly grace you with mercy. Any bond likely won’t be more compatible than during Umrah. Umrah unites your soul and provides you with Allah’s benedictions.

Understanding of Islam

Umrah is often referred to as ‘Mini Hajj.’ It is amongst the most important sources of knowledge of Islamic culture and guidance. You’ll also get a chance to experience Saudi charm on this soulful trip. It’s going to be an amazing journey if both have the same level of interest in Islam.

Pray for the prosperity of your new life

When a couple becomes married, they waste all their moments doing fun and relaxation while on a honeymoon and fail to give their best prayers for the prosperity of their new life. In all circumstances and feelings, a Muslim should not forget to remember the Almighty Allah, and since you have just begun your new life, you must be sincere and dedicated to its completion, and you must ask the Almighty Allah to allow you to make your new relationship full of peace and joy.

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