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Hire an Angular Development Company for the next Web App Development Project

zobiweb September 30, 2021

The aim behind choosing Angular for your next web development project, and reason to hire an Angular development company.

Angular is a client-side technology developed by Google that helps web developers to develop dynamic web apps. Primarily, it works on Model-View-Controller (MVC) model and Model-View-View Model (MVVM) frameworks as developers are able to extend the HTML code to define dynamic views when the data model changes and vice versa.

The latest version of Angular comes with the new features and bug fixes that you can use to develop cross-platform apps from hybrid mobile apps to desktop apps. It’s noted that “Angular” is now called only “Angular” after 2+ versions. We at Zobi Web Solutions, a leading Angular Development Company have worked on previous versions of Angular (below 9) and now working on the latest versions.

Angular is the front-end part of the MEAN Stack framework that includes NodeJS, MongoDB, and ExpressJS. Mean Stack web development framework prevents developers to avoid common pitfalls and keep the complete project organized. It keeps the development cost low and helps in fast prototyping of the development of the project.

MEAN Stack web development framework develops fast modern-day apps which permit delivery of the project on time and if required launch the MVP as soon as possible.

Let’s discuss the reasons behind choosing Angular and hire an Angular development company for your next Web development project:

Data Binding

In modern web apps, developers spent a lot of their time in writing complex code to manually manipulate the code. Angular helps web app developers to focus on building their app and is responsible for synchronizing Document Object Model (DOM) and the model with each other.

Plain JavaScript Code

Angular models are the plain JavaScript objects that makes the code more easier to maintain, test, and reusable. Angular developers prefer JS for front-end development when it comes to developing web apps that run great on both mobile and desktop.

Validate Forms at Client Side

When performing client-side validation of forms and other input fields, you had to write external scripts. This problem is completely solved by Angular as it allows you to declare the validation rules right within the HTML code.

Dependency Injection

Inbuilt Dependency Injection makes the web app development faster and built the website is easy to maintain and test. Dependency Injection is one of the software design patterns in which an object supplies dependencies of other objects.

Dependency is nothing but an object which developers are able to use as a service. Now, in Injection, a dependency is passed to a dependent object which will use it. In this way, the service is made a part of the client’s state.

In Angular, when you offer a service as a parameter, it detects the service you need and provides its instance. You can develop custom services and use them for injection as well.

You can inject the following Angular components into each other as dependencies:

  • Service
  • Value
  • Factory
  • Constant
  • Provider


Directives are various Document Object Model (DOM) markers including attributes, CSS, etc. which are used to create custom HTML tags. These custom HTML tags act as custom widgets for the web app. Directives offer developers numerous ways to manipulate Document Object Model elements in interesting manners. Angular has built-in directives – ngBind, ngModel, etc. They help to easily localize the website.

Deep Linking

Deep linking permits developers to embed the state of the website in the URL, that’s why, users can easily restore the state of the application by accessing the bookmarked URL. It is easier to do deep linking using angular framework compared to earlier frameworks.

Animations made easy

Angular supports native animations which developers are able to incorporate their web project using its ngAnimate module. This means developers won’t have to use external JavaScript frameworks to make their DOM elements show., hide, scale, translate, etc.

Maximum Speed and Performance

As your Angular app grows in size and complexity then it will slow down if you don’t handle its features with care, though it is usually faster when development with the right optimization.

Applications for Multiple Platforms

Angular is a JavaScript framework that you use to develop from hybrid mobile apps targeting major mobile operating systems from Android to iOS and desktop applications targeting Windows, Mac, and Linux at once. Code reusability makes cross-platform app development easier for the developers. That’s why, if you want to target multiple platforms simultaneously, then Angular is the perfect Web development language.

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