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Home Charging Solutions For Your Electric Car

skyautoblogger January 12, 2022

When the world is pacing fast towards an ultra-modernity then it is better to get accustomed to the new ways of life. This is both necessary and beneficial for a normal balance in life. One such rapid development has been going on for a long time in the automobile and its miscellaneous. The modern world has started to get comfortable with its most new vehicle development which runs on electricity in place of fuel combustion.

Electric vehicles are the new most favourite of all the drivers in developed countries like the United Kingdom. In fact, in near future, these might even be able to completely take over the auto market and fully replace the fuel run vehicles. But for that to happen proper idea and concept about these vehicles is a must. Knowing about the vehicle alone is not enough. As these vehicles cannot be refuelled, they are recharged so there is another very important topic that requires equal attention which is the charging system. So let us start to learn the basics about EVs and electric car charger installation.

Charging of EVs

Electric vehicles are mostly the same as fuel combustion cars but are only a little advanced in terms of power. If the power is more, automatically the performance capacity increases. While you drive an electric car you are bound to feel the power but that can get reduced with the charge. So charging plays a major role in the running of an EV.

In a charging station, the vehicles are attached to an electric power source which allows the transfer of power into the car and within some time the auto is back in form. Now, the charging stations can be of a basic kind or a little advanced too. The advanced ones have attributes like cellular capacity, network connectivity and also the feature of smart metering. Developments only make our lives easier and better.

These electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) are mainly found in the municipal parking spaces installed by the electric utility organisations; some are also installed by the private companies in the retail shopping areas. Public charging stations like these need to cater to all kinds of vehicles and so their connectors are specially made to match all the standards of charging connectors.

But it is so much better to have your own home vehicle charger as it is easily accessible and also costs you less in comparison to the public ones in various aspects. You must have already seen people having their own private chargers installed in their garages, that is probably because of the perks of it. If you too own an electric car then it is time you think of installing one of your own.

Types of Charging Stations

When it comes to deciding on your home charger you need to have an idea about the various types available so that you can choose the one that suits your requirement. There are mainly three levels of charging stations: level 1, level 2 and level 3.

Level 1: the simplest of all types s is the level 1 charger as it is compatible with the house circuit and is of about 110-120 volt AC. This is also of low cost and can be handled easily. But the only drawback is the charging speed as it takes about an hour to charge your car for 4 miles drive.

Level 2: this is indeed faster than level 1 and also supports a circuit of about 240 volts. Usually, these are compatible with the circuit of the clothes drier. While it can be best for an electric car owner to have a level 2 charger in their garage for personal use, appointing an electrician for installing a proper circuit for it can be a little expensive.

Level 3: this is the highest capacity charger which is extremely fast and can boost your auto charging instantly. Charging an EV full can be done within an hour easily. But the problem with this is the cost of installation and the circuit requirement. Level 3 chargers are not made for personal use and are allowed for commercial purposes. This level of high charge cannot be allowed by your electricity supplier as it can be hazardous in many ways in a residential neighbourhood.

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