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How Can A Mobile App Boost Your Restaurant Business?

Alex Hales February 21, 2020

Is managing your restaurant business a hassle? Not anymore, you can leverage a smart online ordering system to take orders efficiently and meet up to the expectations of your next-generation customers. With the increasing rate of mobile usage, it is important to have a mobile app for your food business and be available where your customers are. Research by Statista says almost three billion people will be using smartphones worldwide till 2020. Businesses across various sectors are developing apps and the food industry is no exception. Renowned brands like Swiggy, Yelp, Zomato, etc. are some of the examples that have attained immense success in terms of popularity and revenue using apps. Let’s find out why you need a Restaurant software solution to grow your food business!

Here are some of the real-life scenarios that describe a plethora of benefits by using a feature-rich mobile app for your restaurant-

  • Location-based Features

You must have heard about Apple’s iBeacon technology, a small device that can be set up around your location for sending customized push notifications to users in the location’s physical proximity and lure them towards your restaurant. By using an app, you can start using beacon-based technology to send notifications and get more visitors, which will eventually boost your business profits.

  • Customer Loyalty Programs

Using a mobile app, you can easily run a marketing campaign to make your users earn loyalty points that can be redeemed on the next order. Mobile-based loyalty programs have a better impact as users get a personalized touch and there are high chances to make them willingly participate, leading towards an increase in ROI. One of the best effective ways to offer benefits is to promise your customers with reward points for sending social referrals to their friends and families.

  • Easy Order Management

Having an online ordering app not only simplifies the order process but also eliminates the requirement of hiring staff to respond to users’ queries and saves their efforts. Users can sit at home and order foods easily with the touch of a button through the mobile app and add special instructions if needed.

  • Online Reservations

Another best thing about using an app is the ability that enables users to reserve their food tables on their favorite restaurants online. Your customers don’t need to worry about the rush on weekends or festive season as they can easily book their tables easily through their mobile apps. Skip the queue and busy customer call lines to book a table of your choice.

  • Increased Sales with Millennials

Research by Food Tech Connect states that 98% of people aged between 18 to 34-year-olds who have made a bill payment using mobile apps are more likely to do it again. Use a mobile app for your restaurant to engage millennials that prefer to pay directly within the app for quicker service and hassle-free experience.

  • Social Media Engagement

Most of the smartphone users are active on social media, which means word of mouth and social proof can be a great benefit to ensure the success of your restaurant business. If your restaurant is offering the best food deals through the app, there are high chances of your brand getting positive reviews and social sharing. Integrate your app with a social media platform and boost your brand to achieve an increase in sales.  

Closing Statement There is no denial in the fact that developing an app can boost your business and increase ROI tremendously. Several restaurants didn’t have an app a year ago but today, many of them are relying on their customized restaurant apps to fulfill their customers’ orders. Business competition can be fierce, especially in the hotel and hospitality sector. You can contact the best Restaurant Mobile app development company to get insights on developing a customized app that works best for your business needs. It’s time to start attracting new customers and retain the existing ones with the robust food ordering app developed by experienced professionals.

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