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How can Medical School Aspirants make up for no Extra Curricular Activities Amidst the Pandemic?

lsmithdennis April 1, 2021

During Covid 19 pandemic, virtual learning became the new norm. This way of doing things shifted from the traditional sense to accommodate virtual classes through the entire 2020 & in late 2019. Not only a great one of the few just factors of premedical students’ application, but having an exemplary record when it comes to showcasing one’s extracurricular activities is also taken into account to get into the best medical schools in the US. Experiences outside of the classroom as students begin to explore the field of medicine and cultivate their passions through these extracurricular activities are also majorly essential.

With the restrictions that COVID-19 had imposed on the world, it was extremely challenging for premedical students to gain any opportunities to cover their interests through extracurricular activities. How then did pre-met students deal with this issue, and how can they in the future depend upon extracurricular activities to showcase their service and interest in medicine? 

What are some of the extracurriculars that students could add to their application in order to show experience and skill in the medical field during the pandemic?

Regardless of which medical schools you want to get into, students should be able to show some clinical exposure, some type of leadership skills and the ability to work with the team through their extracurriculars. They also need to be able to see that students are able to align with the values of the medical school of their choice through the dedication to institution factor gauged through the extracurriculars. However, it is important for pre-med students, even those who have the best medical school consultants backing them up, to know that not all types of medical schools are the same and not all size fits everyone’s experience in their journey towards getting into a medical school of their choice. Some schools are service focused and other Schools research-focused. If you could showcase through any extracurricular activity that you could focus on service and research while aligning with medicine, the application is still exemplary to showcase any Competitive medical school.

How can students find innovative ways to approach their pre-med journey through such situations?

In the coming few years, the admissions evaluation process will undergo severe evaluation on how to gauge admissions into medical schools without the need to showcase one’s extracurriculars. The changes made to the system will be interesting for anyone to watch. In fact, admission offices will have to be more adaptable as there might not be quite a mini hands-on opportunities for students to grab during a pandemic. In fact, the closer one could get to patient care, and any involvement with service to patients would strengthen one’s chances of getting admitted into the medical school of one’s choice. Some are able to virtually shadow physicians and accept these virtual shadowing hours as an experience with medicine. Although you may not be able to physically volunteer through an extracurricular activity, you may be able to tutor online or attend specific events and organise them as well. You could also help out with the community in your neighbourhood with new needs occurring due to the widespread presence of Covid. You could, however, still consult a med school consultant to help you have a higher chance of clearing your goals when it comes to admissions and admission applications. 

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