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How Can Someone Sue for Defamation in Ireland?

olivialixx47 October 20, 2021

What is Defamation?

The misdeed of defamation is perceived as an individual’s right to protect his good name as well as reputation from unjust attacks of other people. This Defamation Act 2009 thus sets out a defined law applicable in all the different regions of Ireland.

In case, anytime your reputation gets damaged due to any false accusation, then you may wish to look for advice on legal defamation action compensation from reliable defamation solicitors.

Types of Defamation Cases

In order to succeed in fighting a defamation case, you must necessarily be able to prove in front of the court that the publicized accusation regarding you is malicious or false, and have done some serious damage to your good name and reputation in society. And only professional defamation solicitors Dublin can do this for you.

Nowadays, defamation cases that generally arise are of the following different types:

  1. False accusations of
  2. Theft from a general store
  3. Non-payment of bills as a consumer
  4. Searching and checking of shopping bags by the security guards
  5. Cases where there any disgruntled ex-employee of a renowned company provides a biased reference of any particular employee.
  6. Defamation statements on social media, which have now raised some very interesting legal arguments in the courts leading to some ground-breaking case laws.

How can someone successfully sue for a defamation case in Ireland?

In order to sue for defamation successfully, that published information must meet a certain criterion, which may include that the information or communication

  • was earlier published to any third party
  • clearly identifies the person or business that suffered defamation
  • is surely defamatory, which means that it should be lowering down the reputation of a person or his business and hold them up for ridicule in any way.

For Example:

An online review of someone’s small online marketing business might be a good example to understand it. An individual pretending to be a client or customer may claim anytime that the marketer has not delivered him required products or services in time, and give you a one-star review to devalue your reputation in the market.

In such a case, a defamatory claim can be applied as

  • the review is online and numerous people can see it live over the internet
  • it clearly identifies and signifies your business name
  • it is lowering both your own as well as your business’ reputation

Although your case might meet the criteria mentioned above, still, you will have to significantly consider that there are several defenses to defamation. One of the most obvious out of them is the online review or the information published is factually true, if that is the case then it will not be considered defamatory.  

Who can sue for Defamation?

Most commonly three types of people can sue for a defamation case in Ireland

  1. A single individual whose reputation or good name is directly targeted
  2. Certain non-profit organizations
  3. Corporations with either ten or less than ten individuals working there.

How much time gap is there to sue for defamation?

Generally, an individual looking to sue for a defamation case has nearly a year (12 months) starting from the date of defamatory communication publication in order to make a legal claim against the publisher of that defamatory material.

Contact Defamation Solicitors Dublin

Defamation is generally acknowledged to be an extremely complex area of law and also can be sometimes very costly to pursue in court. Therefore, whenever you plan to file a defamation case, you must first consider that whether there is some other easy way to ask the defamatory person to remove the defaming content from the internet. If not, then you may look for making a defamation claim.

But as previously said that it is a complex case, so you cannot fight it on your own. You will have to approach some top law firms Dublin and hire experienced lawyers to execute your case in court professionally.

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