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How Can You Make Your Carpets Last Longer?

Alex Mahone December 27, 2018

Even though you make sure that you don’t invite so many people to your home and whatever little guests that come to your place abide by your request to not step over the carpet so frequently, this is still not a practical way to lead your life. Every leading carpet cleaning NYC professional understands just how difficult it is to maintain the beauty and fineness of your carpet and this is why they suggest some really neat tricks.

Don’t Forget To Vacuum Your Carpets Often

This is the first golden rule of carpet cleaning and if you ask the leading Carpet Cleaning NYC companies, they would definitely tell you to follow it to the “T.”  This is the ideal and the most preferred way to protect your carpets and increase their life. Do you know that dry dust, dirt and grime act like sandpaper? When they are present in your carpets, walking on them causes additional friction and that hampers the color and textures of your carpets significantly. By vacuuming your carpets and all the entrance areas in your home along with all the high-traffic areas at least twice a week you can reduce the wear and tear up to a large extent.

As for oily soils and other moist dirt and grime, you can use steam cleaning (worst case scenario). Don’t let these residues stay in your carpets for long because they further attract oily soils. By vacuuming more frequently you can reduce soil buildup and prevent further damage to your carpets. Always use a filter or vacuum bag when using a vacuum cleaner. Don’t forget to change the dirty bag, dirt cup and/ or filter. This is important because it can cut down a vacuum suction power.  If the filters aren’t changed often enough, your vacuum cleaner will stop working. The right speed of the vacuum matters a lot. Don’t be hasty while vacuuming. It is important to do it slowly enough so that maximum amount of dirt can be sucked out of the fibers.

Don’t Rub But Pat

This is another golden rule of carpet cleaning and every carpet cleaning NYC firm would tell you to follow this if you want to keep your carpets clean and tidy for years to come. Whenever there is a spill on your carpet, whether it is coffee or wine or gravy or anything that you know for sure is going to stain, make sure to take a clean white cotton cloth and press it to the stain and soak in all the liquid. DO NOT rub the stain because that will just push the stain deep into the fibers of the carpets instead and trust me, you don’t want any of that. If there is any solid spill or semi-solid stuff such as chicken or vegetables, pick them up carefully with the blunt side of a knife or a credit card or a spatula all the while making sure none of it gets pressed down into the fibers of the carpet. Then do as mentioned above to make sure that the stain is soaked up well. You can use any heavy object such as old books or some furniture to press the cloth deeper into the fibers to help soak in all the liquid without damaging the fibers of the carpet. You can practice these and see how they impact the cleanliness and beauty of your carpet.

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