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How can you Recover Files Deleted by McAfee Antivirus?

michealanderson April 3, 2020

Today threats are increasing every single day. The best way for keeping most of the dangerous threats away from your computer is by installing an antivirus. McAfee antivirus is one of the top security programs that are used for protecting the PC from harmful malware. McAfee key activation will ensure that your device has all the protective features and now you can use your device without any security concern. McAfee has a powerful feature known as VirusScan that scans all the files available in your device. This tool scans the files with all known threats. Whenever it finds any malicious or suspicious file; it immediately sends it to quarantine or can also remove it.

The items or files which are stored in quarantine are stored in a secure folder. You can go to the quarantine folder and then decide whether you want to keep it or remove it. VirusScan uses heuristic scanning and if it finds any file risky it sends the file to quarantine. 

McAfee heuristic scanning tool is very beneficial as it can tell what type of virus you are dealing with. It can differentiate between replicative viruses, viruses that overwrite other files and conceal viruses. Most of the files that are stored in the quarantine folder are malicious. But there is a possibility that the file in quarantine looks suspicious but not. So, you can visit your quarantine folder and check whether you want to keep the file or you want to delete it.

Delete option: Once you delete the file from the quarantine folder then you can’t recover it.

Restore option: The file will get released from the quarantine folder and get restored to its previous location. But you should only restore those files which are safe. Restoring malicious files can weaken your device security and can also harm other data.

Here are the steps to recover files on Windows PC:

  1. Open your Windows PC and click on McAfee antivirus icon
  2. McAfee Security antivirus will open on the desktop
  3. Click on Navigation tab
  4. Go to Quarantined and Trusted Items
  5. Tap the Open button
  6. If you are searching for a file then click on Quarantined items
  7. If you are searching for programs then click on Quarantined Potentially Unwanted Programs 
  8. Now click on the item you want to restore or delete
  9. If you want all items then click on select all button
  10. Now click on restore button (for restoring the deleted items)
  11. Click on the delete button (for deleting permanently)

Close McAfee antivirus and then check whether your file gets restored or not. If you are removing the file then keep in mind that you will restore those items further. 

Here are the steps to recover files on Mac device:

  1. Go to your Mac desktop and click on McAfee icon
  2. Click on McAfee LiveSafe Internet Security console
  3. Tap the Mac security button
  4. Now click on Quarantine option
  5. Tap the padlock
  6. Now enter your password
  7. Hit the OK button
  8. Choose the location 
  9. Now click on restore option (for restoring the files from quarantine option)
  10. Click on delete option (for deleting the files permanently)
  11. Finally, click on the lock button to prevent further changes in McAfee. 

Sometimes McAfee does not store the files on quarantine and deletes them directly. You can’t find those files in the quarantine folder. If you don’t want to lose those files permanently then you should install a recovery tool and recover them instantly. There are various recovery tools available on the internet. Check your device specifications and then get a tool that is compatible with your PC. Download the tool and install it accordingly. The installation process will take some time and once the device gets installed; restart your PC. Click on the tool icon from the start-up window. Now choose the type of file you want to recover (documents, audio, video, pictures, acchives, other files). This step will help to reduce the scanning process and time. The tool will only start scanning for specific types of files. Now click on the start button and the tool will start recovering the files deleted by your McAfee antivirus. Now you will get a list of drives. Click on the drive where the file was stored. Tap the scan button. The recover tool will find all the files and then you can choose the file you want to recover. Now you can access the file easily. Now you should again scan your device. If McAfee antivirus is still deleting the file then reconsider storing it. If you store any malicious file then it can also other files. It may infect your other files and then you have to face data corruption issues. So if you don’t want to take any risk; only keep safe files and folders on your computer.

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