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How Could B2B Brands Make the Most Out Of TikTok

ShiraRachel June 25, 2021

In this pandemic situation, TikTok has turned out to be an excellent entertainment spot for gen Z and old millions and beyond. Actually, it’s the right time for B2B marketers to embrace this platform. Tik Tok revenue was skyrocketing in the last year. Currently, lots and lots of families enter this platform to relax, so they started doing funny stuff even though it became viral. 

The unique characteristic of TikTok, which makes this platform stand out from the crowd. It always goes for new clippings rather than keep on promoting popular clippings from famous creators. It provides equal space for everyone. Hence, suppose if you are new or have zero followers but post highly engaging videos, you have more chances to go viral. 

Let’s see some of the statistical facts about TikTok that would be beneficial for B2B marketers 

  • TikTok is the most downloaded app in the last 2020, especially, user base, and its popularity has rapidly increased due to this pandemic situation.   
  • Almost 2 billion people have downloaded TikTok apps 
  • It has nearly 850 million monthly active users  
  • When you notice Tiktok’s users, most of them are from younger and gen Z. 
  • 60% are between the age group of 16-24, 26% from 25-44, and 80% are under 34. 

Tips For B2B Brands To Promote Their Business

Do More Behind-The-Scenes Content

Content is everything on TikTok; as a B2B brand, you must invest your time in planning your right content for your business. Behind-the-scenes videos are more powerful to embrace your brands in front of your audience’s sight. Brand agencies must bring more fascinating visuals related to their business or brands. 

Depending on your business, you can frame content. Usually, this kind of content doesn’t need more editing or any script to implement. For instance, if you are organizing an event or meeting, you shoot what things are taking place to set an event. Once it’s ready, you can even share the link to your event. Similarly, when you launch any new brands or attend any press meets, film any ad shoot. Grab all those opportunities to provide different and interesting behind-the-scenes for your audience. Trust me, this content will influence your audience to get attached to your brand. 

Take Part In TikTok Challenges 

Branded challenges are viral content on TikTok and taking part in those challenges can get you immediate attention. But B2B brands find it a bit challenging to translate. Once you decide to launch a branded challenge, first frame a worthy concept or idea to run your challenge. After that, select the right hashtags related to your challenge to get guaranteed TikTok views and engagement rate, and take your brand to greater heights. On the other hand, you can also buy TikTok views for your videos to get more engagement and show your brand to the loyal audiences. 

Host Giveaways 

Giveaways are actually great content because people love to engage and participate in contests. This content is beneficial for plenty of reasons; you can easily get user-generated content. I think you all know the importance of user-generated content, it’s precious for brands. This way, you are making your audience create a brand promotion for you. While launching giveaways, provide proper information about this event. Make sure you have included your condition, timings (when to start and end), prize details, and announcement date. Don’t forget to promote your giveaways in other channels to get more exposure and reach.

Humanize Your Brand 

Telling engaging stories is one of the best methods to humanize your brand. You can show off your employees, team members, achievements, and rewards. This way, you can boost your engagement rate and build good connections with your followers. This is because people are more interested to know your real face behind your brand. Remember, you can increase your engagement rate by being authentic and transparent. 

ShowOff Your Brand’s Voice & Personality 

It is important to understand your audience mindset to frame content according to that. It is best you can ask for content suggestions and feedback. After knowing their interest, you can create specific content for them. This helps to drive more engagement and make your audience deeply connect with your brand. 

To beat your competitors and stand out from the crowd, you need to build a voice that must be authentic to mission, vision, and value. This way, depending on your creativity, you can incorporate your brand into TikTok videos. You can even use memes to promote your brand voice. 

Winding Up

Engage with your audience, make a reply to their comments and queries so that you can develop good relationships with them. Try to make light-hearted content to boost your followers’ connection. Put some effort into offering engaging and creative videos. Ensure you create insightful, funny, shocking, motivating, inspiring, and controversial content in all your videos.

For B2B brands, TikTok is one of the perfect platforms to test and get trending topics. Do you know, trends that begin on this platform will spread everywhere. TikTok is full of young audiences, so it’s for you to get more sales and effectively advertise your business. Sure this article will help B2B brands to utilize the TikTok platform.

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