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How Do I Choose The Right Jewelry For Someone As A Gift?

johnmiller3413 March 26, 2021

A beautiful piece of jewelry is partly an accessory, and partly an extension of your personality and can also be a statement depending on the type of jewelry you choose. A piece of jewelry can be worn both every day and for parties. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings you rarely take off – they become part of your style and show who you are! Here I will try to sort out some questions you can ask yourself when giving a piece of jewelry to someone. 

All people love jewelry and are happy to get one? 

Jewelry is very personal. Giving a piece of jewelry to someone as a gift is not always easy. There are a lot of questions you can try to answer before choosing which jewelry to buy. 

What should you keep in mind when buying a piece of jewelry for someone else?   

When you’re going to buy a piece of jewelry as a gift for someone else, always keep few things in your mind to form an image of the person who will receive it.  

  • Who will get the jewelry? 
  • What interests does he or she have? 
  • What is the style of the person, romantic, sporty, tough, etc?
  • What face shape does the person have? 
  • What price range should the jewelry be in?
  • What type of jewelry does she usually wear? 

Before you buy a pair of earrings, think about whether the person you want to give the jewelry to has holes in its ears.

What size is appropriate for jewelry?

Necklaces and earrings are the easiest to give away as they usually fit most people there are many varieties and options available in necklaces and earrings including rose gold stud earrings, ear cuff earrings, large ear climbers, etc. Bracelets are also light, but you should know at a glance how rough the person’s wrist is. Rings can be a little harder to give away, but you can borrow a ring that fits on his finger and then measure the diameter inside to inside of the ring with a ruler very carefully. Keep in mind that a wide ring requires a slightly larger size than a narrow one, so when you buy it is good to keep this in mind. 

If you want to give away earrings, it is important to first know if she has holes in his or her ears. If the hole is far down on the earlobe, you can avoid buying large, heavy earrings because then the jewelry falls forward and weighs down the earlobe. Ear cuff earrings and Large ear climber earrings are trending these days so you can put them on your list. These are girl’s favorite accessories, even though they are small, they make a big impact on all their outfits. 

What should I notice to know what to buy?

As soon as the person shows that she likes or wants something, remember it. It is smart to write it down on your phone or in a notebook because it is perfect to pick out when it is time for a Christmas present, birthday present, etc. What type of necklace does he or she use? Long, short, or in a leather strap? If it is a ring you are going to give away, it is important to find out the person’s ring size first.

What can I surprise her with?

The gift will usually be even more successful if you buy something that she would not buy and treat himself or herself. Maybe something that the person has longed for a long time…

What do you want to express with your gift?

Jewelry conveys a feeling especially when you want to express love or send any unique message. This gift thus has a message. Should it be a declaration of love for your girlfriend or a gift for your best friend’s birthday? The idea behind the gift is most important. It is the one who decides whether the gift will be successful or not. 

How does a gift card work?

It works so that you choose which amount the gift card should apply to. You can also give a gift card for different products or courses if you would rather it be a product and not a sum. The card is valid for one year after the date of purchase. The gift cards are not personal but unique as you need the code that comes with your card if you want to shop in the webshop. 

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