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How do I Reconnect my Wireless Printer to my Mac?

printersupportplus January 22, 2022

Learn Essential Tips to Connect a Wireless Printer to Mac

Mac device is quite simple to use your printer device when you connect it using its WIFI network services. However, suppose you are facing trouble when connecting a Wireless printer to Mac. In that case, you must have an essential clue that you can get by identifying the cause and sorting out the connect issue with your printer device appropriately.

How to Reconnect Wireless Printer to Mac?

When you try to connect your Wireless printer device to Mac but experience trouble, you can troubleshoot your connection and disconnect every cable between the printer and Mac computer you are using. It is essential to check the cables tightly on the USB and ensure the Wireless network is working fine. When your printer does not work after connecting to the Mac device wirelessly, you can check the cables and ensure your printer is powered on.

Check out the cause of the issue:

  • Ensure network connection is on.
  • Check out the preferences to use.
  • Make sure to use the latest printer driver.
  • Check out the IP address of your printer device to reconnect and so on.

Get solution:

If you have checked everything and identified the real cause of the issue, you can seek a clue to secure the printer device to connect at a particular time. Let’s get the steps to fix it.

  • At first, turn on your printer and Mac device, go to the Apple menu in the computer device, and click the system preferences you have selected.
  • Click on the printers & scanners icon, click the plus tab to sign in, add the printer device and go to the following windows on your Mac to select the printer to connect wirelessly.
  • Add a printer to your Mac device and ensure it is connected to your Mac device, and it should appear in your printer list once you have configured it.

Suppose you have tried everything still interrogating why does it keep saying printer not connected to your Mac device. In that case, you should appropriately discuss the issue to get the solution at a particular time.

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