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How do I Reset my Kodak Ink Cartridge?

printersupportplus August 16, 2021

The Best Way to Reset a Kodak Ink Cartridge

If one’s Company’s Printer runs out of ink which will bring the Company’s productivity to a halt, and the Company also loses its productivity. Suppose Ink level and the program shows are incorrect. The wipes the Printer has and its internal memory and resets the ink level monitor. Steps to How to Reset Kodak Printer.

  • Firstly, open the ink compartment on the front of the printer.
  • Under the Second step, one has to tab on each ink cartridge and put it out of the Printer.
  • Turn the printer off, and one has to wait about five seconds. Turn the printer back on.
  • In this step, one must double-check the printer icon connected to its taskbar. One has to select Maintenance from the given option in the system.
  • One has to ‘Check level Options’ A message will appear that the PrinterPrinter does not recognize any cartridges. It simply means that the ink monitor memory has been reset. Click ok.
  • One has to replace the Cartridge and turn off the PrinterPrinter. One has to wait five seconds and again turn it back on.
  • One must go back to the Kodak maintenance menu and click “recheck Ink levels”.

The printer’s ink usage triggers “low-link” messages or when the ink level runs out. After one has installed a new cartridge, certain statements will continue to appear. One has to reset the chip to read their ink level correctly.

  • Remove the Colour Cartridge. One has to open the cartridge door to push on the green lever and slide the Cartridge out.
  • One has to hold the cartridge upside down. One has to Locate the cartridge chip on the bottom of the ink cartridge.
  • One has to reset the chip resetter against the cartridge chip. One has to hold the small button on the Kodak chip for new seconds, which is usually reset for three to four seconds. The cartridge should now be reset as per the desire, and the printer can easily see their ink level is complete. One can easily detect that the ink level is full.

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