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How do I unlock a temporarily locked yahoo account?

instatnttfn September 14, 2021

know how to unlock your locked Yahoo email account

Yahoo is one of the oldest and popular email service providers. Yahoo provides the best services to secure your account. Because of this, it sometimes also temporarily blocks your email account when there occurs any suspicious activity. If you have this issue, you can follow some methods below to unlock your Yahoo email account.

Unlock your temporary locked yahoo email account

If your yahoo account is temporarily blocked, you can follow the information given below to unlock your account.

1.    At first, go to the Yahoo sign-in or login page.

2.    Enter the email address or phone number that belongs to your profile

3.    Click on the forget password option on the screen and click next.

4.    The following webpage will show up various recovery options.

5.    You can use the verification process.

6.    In that, you can enter the registered email id or phone number to receive a verification code.

7.    Now enter the code on the screen where it is required, click Next.

8.    You can reset the password on the new page opened.

9.    Once the password is reset, it means you have successfully Unlock the Yahoo email accountyou can now log in to your yahoo account again by using the new password.

The other way is you can also remove the POP and IMAP settings. Disable the third-party application and use another web browser to log in to your account. You can now retrieve your account without any issue. You can also use another server to check whether your account is working now or not.

How can I unlock my yahoo account? You can follow the above steps to unlock your yahoo email account anytime. If you are going through any issue or trouble, you can speak to the yahoo customer support team anytime. Yahoo provides 24/7 hours of assistance to help its consumer.

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