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How do you make use of fiber fast connectors?

writterfellas December 30, 2021

The broad application of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) encourages the growth in the use of optic connectors. The product is characterized by its characteristics of being small in size and speedy connection. It also caused a small loss, stability and high. it is a vital fiber connection device for the fiber system. Today we will be introducing the use instruction for the Fiber fast connector.

About the fiber fast connector

A fiber-fast connector kind of new field-end connector. At present, it is able to be terminated using an OD of 250mm and 900mm. 2.0mm as well as 3.0mm SM fiber and MM fiber that is available.

Applications and features from the fiber fast connector

Main features
Good stability
Small insertion loss
Cost of use is low
Installation speed is extremely fast.
Installation and maintenance is easy

The main applications
Applications of optical fiber communications
Fiber to the Home (FTTH) applications
Wire TV application

Follow the steps of fiber-fast connectors

Although using a fiber fast connectors is easy, we need to follow the proper steps. The installation procedure for the fiber-fast connector can be described like this:
Step 1: Prepare fiber fast connector, fiber stripping pliers, fiber cutting knife, fiber cleaning tools etc;
Step 2.Put the tail sleeve of the connector on the optical cable
Step 3. By using fiber stripping tools, stripping out the outside sheath the cable. clean optical fiber, then cutting the bare fiber using a fiber cutting knife. The length of the fiber is reserved based on the specific conditions.
step 4 Injecting optical fibers into fiber speed connector
Phase 5:Press on the back of the case to secure fiber
Sixth step: Attach the tail sleeves to the connector for fiber speed.

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