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How Effective Listening Can Make You A Better Leader

John Paul February 1, 2021

We are routinely bombarded with the fact that communication skills are important, which is very much true. But communication skills do not only pertain to giving out opinion, message command in an effective way but it also engulfs effective listening and understanding before responding. For that matter, active listening makes up a crucial aspect of establishing a rapport with clients, potential customers, employees, and anyone else. Apart from this, it mainly contributes to our analytical and as well as strategical skills and adds to our knowledge base. Facilitating us to deal with our future workload in several concrete ways.

A number of decisions using the skills that have a very far-reaching impact on both the organization and clients in an enormous way. For which determining the best and making the right decisions goes beyond a certain set of knowledge. Aid us in coming up as a savvy communicator and a better leader.

So here are some points to pay heed to, practice, and remind ourselves on how active listening can make you a better leader.

What is Effective Listening?

To put it simply we can say effective listening is a more active form of listening, which involves a process that goes beyond just simply hearing. We may notice that we tend to just hear with our ears but when we listen it is with our entire body comprising of not only ears but heart, eyes, and brain.

One fundamental principle of effective listening therefore can be stated as first to understand and then to be understood. Although it requires much more amount of energy as compared to passive listening. But we will be more than successful with effective listening than the latter.

Listening Contributes Excellent Analysis and Strategy:

Listening is a complex act as mentioned above and involves simultaneous hearing, processing as well as decision making. About various things such as when to speak whether to speak or not, memory, prioritization, and repetition of all of these. We must understand that the act of active listening is all about thinking and learning. We as a leader with effective listening can come up with if not, brilliant ideas consistently during long meetings and presentations to improvise and analyze strategies for short term and long term alike.

Effective listening builds relationships:

We can get the most out of effective listening when we think of it as a long-term investment. Approaching it alike of which benefits will be in terms of establishing long-term fruitful relationships with clients, employees, and colleagues. As effective listening is arguably one of the most important people skill which is indispensable for leaving a good first impression.

Listening generates more work in the future—in a good way:

We might have underrated but offering someone undivided attention is truly an act of generosity. A gift which we can offer to our client’s employees to foster long-term healthy relationships and motivate them to return for future work. Thus, as an effective listener, we can get more out of clients and employees and lead with a formidable force. It also opens up various doors of opportunities to us, such as networking and speaking.


When we will take into account the following and polish our overall communication skills with a special emphasis on effective listening. It will enable us to build a successful business like Anthony Liscio Alto on 859 Kennedy Road. This was only possible because of his effective leadership skills which were more or less attributed to his exceptional communication skills.

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