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How I Dealt With Stress

Alisa M. December 20, 2016


In today’s society, the average individuals have to deal with a lot of problems. Even if we’re talking about financial or social problems, they all create a level of discomfort and pressure, which can sometimes become overwhelming. This condition is widely known as stress, and as many, few years ago I fell under its influence as well. It all started at my former work place where I was had to deal with meeting several deadlines on daily basis. I thought I might finally get used to that type of insane pressure, but apparently I was wrong. After a full year of that tempo of work I ended up hospitalized. And in that moment I understood that stress is not something that should be ignored. Since we are living in a high speed society it’s understandable that it cannot be avoided entirely. However, it is possible to take better care of yourselves and reduce and treat stress on regular basis. Following are few things that helped me to cope with this menace of modern age.

Introduction To Physical Activity And Exercises

After falling victim to stress overload I finally understood how helpful physical activity actually is. On suggestion by my doctor I started practicing hiking and tracking at my local nature resort. It was an eye opening tranquil experience to say the least. If you’re an active person, you should find a way to perform some physical exercises, even if you have so little free time. You actually don’t need to go and push your body to its upper limits. Even a walking session or bicycle ride will prove helpful. Well conducted home exercises are also welcomed tool in fight against stress. Just be sure to do it, possibly on daily basis. After a workout, produced seratonin in your brain will reduce your stress levels, you will feel better and will think more clearly. Also, after introducing exercises to my life my sleeping schedule has improved significantly. Which directly leads us to my next point.

A Good Sleeping Schedule

The lack of sleep is not necessarily causing stress, but it surely can intensify it. Aside from serious medical conditions, lack of sleep in a person can manifest through increased moodiness, lack of concentration, intense anxiety to name a few. Mixing any of those conditions with stress can be a dangerous combination. In order to avoid that, creating and maintaining healthy sleeping schedule is of the essence. It’s understandable that some people cannot sleep well under stress. Like mentioned before, physical activity has helped me to fall asleep much easier. Try to sleep for at least 8 hours per night and don’t let anything disturb you during your sleep. Turn off your phones, tablets and computers. Letting your brain to relax and revitalize will help you to start your days on a much more positive note.

Making Necessary Diet Adjustments

Food is a very important thing when it comes to reducing the stress levels. Speaking from my own example, nothing tastes better than hamburger, fries and soda drink when under a lot of stress. But in truth – that’s not helpful at all. This type of food had completely opposite effect on me, and it made me feel even worse. So few changes to my diet were necessary. First step in this process was eliminating the empty calories, such as carbs, and replace them with more fruits and green leafy vegetables, fish, white meat such as chicken or turkey breast. All these foods are rich with ingredients (vitamins, folate, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium) known for its positive effect on stress reduction and revitalization of body and mind.

Benefits Of Herbal Tea

As an addition to diet adjustments, herbal tea can also be helpful when maintaining composure in prolonged stress periods. Unlike turning to chemicals and pills, consuming natural herbal tea doesn’t come with any side effects and it doesn’t create addiction. Some of the most recommended tea recipes good for keeping your mind in good shape are:

– Chamomile Tea (good for anxiety, relaxation and sleep);
– Lavander Tea (calming effect, good for insomnia);
– Lemon Balm Tea (cortisol reduction, mood improvement);
– Valerian Tea (calming effect, relaxation and sleep).

Finding A Way To Relax

Benefits of massage therapies are well known by now. It’s an ancient method of healing and relaxation, for centuries practiced by massage experts all over the world. And as suggested by several friends, I have sporadically started attending massage therapies as well. To my surprise, benefits of these therapies were evident immediately, tension from my muscles was gone and I felt much calmer and relaxed. This has helped me in approaching problems and situations much more rationally.

Without a doubt, stress is a very serious condition and it needs to be addressed in timely manner. The worst part you can do is trying to ignore it, as it will more than likely just get worse and lead to more serious health issues. Methods I have described above are just few that worked well for me. Feel free to try and explore until you find the best combination for yourself.

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