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How Mahindra Tractor has captured the Indian agricultural market

Purohitbhavesh January 19, 2021

Mahindra Tractor, the highest best-selling tractor manufacturer in India, was established in 1945. It was founded by Mr J.C. Mahindra, Mr K.C. Mahindra, and Mr Malik Ghulam Mohammad. With time, the brand has made its way up with the production of excellent agricultural machinery. Moreover, Mahindra Tractor Price is cost-effective and easily affordable for all Indian farmers. Mahindra understands the depth of farmers’ needs and works accordingly to ensure maximum satisfaction and earn their trust while maintaining integrity. The brand has successfully influenced millions of farmers with empathy. Besides this, Mahindra Tractor has started an initiative called ‘Prerna’ for the betterment of women empowerment in India.

Prominent characteristics of Mahindra Tractor

  • Mahindra Tractor maintains a long record of manufacturing high-quality tractors packed with essential features to maximise the farm yields.
  • The tractors come in a wide variety, with robust engines that run on horsepowers ranging from 15 Hp to 75 Hp.
  • Mahindra Tractor Price is also quite reasonable, starting from a minimum of Rs. 2,50,000. The most expensive tractor by Mahindra is priced at Rs. 12,50,000.
  • These tractors are effectively up-to-date with innovative features and technological upgradations. Mahindra tractors are also quite suitable for several farm activities like tillage, haulage, post-harvest, etc.
  • In short, with attractive and compact designs, the tractors are well-built, easy to handle and offer excellent mileage on the fields.
  • Also, this brand takes proper care of the farmers’ satisfaction by providing them with constant support.

Top 3 Mahindra Tractors with specifications

Mahindra Tractor offers a plethora of powerful tractors. However, here is a list of a few of the most favourite picks of the Indian farmers along with detailed information:

1. Mahindra Arjun 555 DI

Mahindra Arjun 555 DI
  • Mahindra Arjun 555 DI is a robust two-wheel-drive tractor.
  • This tractor is among the top 10 tractors by Mahindra and comes with four cylinders.
  • It runs on a 50 engine Hp and a 48 PTO Hp that makes it feasible to work in sync with other agricultural equipment.
  • The tractor offers the option of single/double-clutch.
  • Oil-immersed brakes ensure better traction on the ground.
  • It has an efficient fuel tank, water cooling system, and dry-type air filter.
  • To sum up, we would say just like Arjun; this tractor works with total focus and efficiency.
  • And this Mahindra Tractor Price is economical for all farmers with prices starting from Rs. 6,70,000 to Rs. 7,10,000.

2. Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT

 Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT
  • Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT is a mini two-wheel-drive tractor. Such tractors are highly suitable for narrow width crop cultivation in orchards and inter culture farming.
  • It is a compact tractor with a tough built.
  • This tractor equips one cylinder and a strong engine powered by a 15 engine Hp and a 12 PTO Hp.
  • The tractor fits a single-plate dry clutch, a water cooling system, and an oil-bath type air filter.
  • Dry disc brakes allow the tractor to maintain adequate grip and reduce slippage.
  • Most importantly, this Mahindra Tractor Price is super affordable at Rs. 2,75,000 – Rs. 3,00,000.

3. Mahindra NOVO 755 DI

Mahindra NOVO 755 DI
  • Mahindra NOVO 755 DI is available in both 2WD and 4WD tractor variants.
  • It has four cylinders, a 75 engine Hp, and a high 66 PTO Hp.
  • The tractor equips 15 forward plus 3 reverse gears.
  • This Mahindra Tractor has a dual-clutch, and a dry-type air filter with clog indicator.
  • It works with full power on all kinds of soils.
  • Mahindra NOVO 755 DI offers multiple speed options that control the tractor with 30 different speeds.
  • Above all, this Mahindra Tractor Price is worth the features, at Rs. 11,20,000 – Rs. 12,50,000.

In conclusion, Mahindra Tractor quality features make them exceptional. Stay tuned at for more information on Mahindra Tractor Price, advanced features, reviews, related videos and top Mahindra Tractor dealers in your city.

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