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How much does Geek Squad charge for their services?

mishtiwatson October 8, 2021

When you are running a small or medium-size firm, then hiring a technical support staff can be costly. It would be great if you went with Geek Squad for any kind of assistance. But how much they charge for their services is something that you should know. Below, you can learn about the cost to charge on the basis of the service. 

Geek Squad charge for in-store service 

Generally, there is various kind of services you can get in-store services. The cost can start from $39.99 to $1450. It majorly depends on the recovery option too. If you opt for level 1 service for data recovery, then the cost can start from $200, and for level 2, it may go up to $550. It varies, and you can see how much you have to bear according to your need. 

Geek squad charges for on-site services 

Geek provides on-site visit too and that rely on the type of the services you need. Here you have to make sure that you are not comparing this with the in-store price. On this service, you may experience major price changes; however, you may have to pay a minimum of $79 goes up to $199 per service or support. 

Geek Squad charges for both on-site and business support 

Here they may charge a minimum of $300, and that relies on the number of visits. But, with this method, you can get various kinds of support from the team and that real-time solution. 

With this write-up, you must have known about How much does Geek Squad cost? And now you can see which one belongs to you. It will help you to set the budget for the business and the technical support from Geek.

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