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How Much Does it Cost to Build an App Like Uber?

rebeccarogers11 March 16, 2022

Before diving into the construction of an app like Uber, get a thorough understanding of the ride-sharing business, development costs, and other considerations.

People who reside in large cosmopolitan cities with congested traffic and little parking space choose to use ridesharing services like Uber instead of owning cars. Due to the high demand for personal automobile trips, entrepreneurs are considering how to create an app similar to Uber and successfully launch it in local markets or even globally.

Indeed, developing an Uber like app appears to be a sensible step for both entrepreneurs and transportation firms.

What You Should Know About app like uber Development

Before we go on to the next point, I’d like to emphasize Uber’s size. The number of Uber users globally was 93 million per month at the end of the fourth quarter of 2020. It’s a 19-fold increase over the previous quarter.

Uber currently operates in 84 countries and over 800 cities, connecting riders and drivers on-demand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via its Android and iOS apps. Concerns about the car’s arrival time are no longer relevant because both parties are aware of each other’s locations. Uber has a sizable market share thanks to its easy app-user interaction, effective marketing campaigns, and low mistake rates.

What are the Basic Functions of an Uber-like App?

Now that we’ve covered the essentials, let’s look at what features these apps have to offer their target demographic.

Uber Passenger AppUber Driver App
Ride scheduling in advanceFree cancellation within a set period
Ride booking for othersHeat maps
Splitting fare with companionsQuest Earnings
Voice RecognitionWaiting time
Gamification & DiscountsForward Dispatch

What about the app like uber Advanced Features?

Uber Passenger AppUber Driver App
1. Geolocation and Routing1. Advanced route optimization
2. Payment integration2. Driver destinations
3. Registration and personal data management3. Accept or decline passenger requests
4. In-app calls and messages to the driver4. option that lets drivers be visible/invisible on the map
5. Push notifications & Driver Tracking5. In-app call to the passenger
6. Ride cost estimation & Travel History6. Personal profile editing
7. Driver Review and ratings7. Driver reports of past bookings and earnings on a weekly/monthly basis

What is the Uber Admin Panel?

This is the fairy godmother, who keeps an eye on Uber’s numerous components and makes sure no one gets in the way. It’s a web-based administration tool that lets you do things like:

  • Show essential statistics on the service’s performance, such as:
  • Performance and earnings of drivers
  • Information about customers and their complaints
  • Drivers can be added or removed, and their accounts can be suspended or terminated.
  • Suspend the account of the user
  • Control fare pricing.
  • Create passenger ride discounts and promotional codes.
  • The driver’s surge pricing management

How Much Does It Cost to Create an Uber-Style App?

To calculate the cost of developing an app, simply multiply the projected hours by the hourly rate of the app development business.

According to Buildfire, you may hire an offshore app development company for as little as $25 per hour, hire an onshore or local developer for anywhere between $37 and $60 per hour, or hire a Silicon Valley agency for $180 per hour to build a high-quality Uber clone app. To give you a sense of how much it costs to produce an app like Uber, here’s an average hourly fee in the top three hubs.

CountriesAverage Hourly Rate
U.S.A.$150- $200
India$25- $49
App Dev CompanyHourly RateCountry
WillowTree®$150 – $199 / hrCharlottesville, VA
hedgehog lab$100 – $149 / hrLondon, United Kingdom
FreshWorks Studio$100 – $149 / hrVictoria, Canada
Droids on Roids$50 – $99 / hrWroclaw, Poland

What Analytical Tools Does Uber Use?

Needless to mention, an in-app review option that receives direct input from users and strengthens the analytic systems is required to ensure the constant growth of your Uber clone app.

How Much Will It Cost To Keep An app like uber Running?

Planning for post-deployment is equally as crucial as building the app. You’re better prepared to estimate the post-deployment, or maintenance, cost of an app like Uber now that you know how much it costs to design an Uber app.

The industry standard for software maintenance is 15 to 20% of the initial development cost. So, if your app cost $100,000 to develop, the annual maintenance cost is estimated to be $20,000.

What Makes the Uber App Unique?

Uber, a ride-hailing app, was started in 2009 by long-serving CEO Travis Kalanick (since resigned, but still on the board of directors) and Garrett Camp, with a beta launch in May 2010 and an official launch in San Francisco, California, in 2011.

Uber is now available in 65 countries and 600 cities around the world. Lyft in the United States and Didi Chuxing, estimated at $56 billion in Asia, are its main competitors.

Uber has evolved into a verb during the last decade. According to Business of apps, 14 million Uber trips are conducted each day, with over 3.9 million Uber drivers globally. The Uber app’s share of the ride-hailing business in the United States is believed to be between 65 and 69 percent.

Uber’s Wide Range of Services

  • Over time, the Uber app has expanded its basic product by introducing peer-to-peer trips.
  • UberPop offers ride-sharing through UberPool, as well as luxury choices such as the UberCHOPPER.
  • Autonomous vehicle research
  • Delivery service for food Uber Eats is a food delivery service.
  • According to reports, Uber Freight is growing in popularity.

What is the price of Uber’s services?

The cost of an Uber ride varies by location and country. In poor countries, Uber app fares are less expensive. Furthermore, the prices you see in the app vary dependent on the service you order (uberX, BLACK, SUV). The Uber app calculates the cost of a ride based on four primary factors:

  • Cost per mile for the base price
  • Minutely rate
  • Fee for safe rides
  • Similarly, the Uber app makes money by charging service purchasers and providers:
  • Drivers’ commissions
  • Passengers’ trip prices
  • Charges for trip cancellation

Is the ride-hailing industry profitable?

According to Statista, the ride-hailing sector has 996.7 million app users globally in 2019, contributing to global revenue of US$183,677 million. By 2023, this figure is predicted to rise to US$318,765 million, with a user penetration rate of 20.0 percent, up from 13.5 percent in 2019. As a result, a reputable Uber clone app owner can make a lot of money.

But what about the market’s most prominent competitors?

According to Orbis Research, the leading market participants in the ride-hailing sector are:











Ola (Ani Technologies)


Building an MVP for an On-Demand Platform necessitates app developers investing in dedicated supply and demand web/mobile interfaces. This can be too expensive for businesses trying to build an app similar to Uber on a shoestring budget. That’s why the role of the Uber clone app in your business should be the first thing you think about. Is it an extension of your services to market an existing firm, or is it a stand-alone operation?

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