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How the Fashion Industry can Be More Eco-Friendly

dsmith July 1, 2021

It’s no secret that the fashion industry accounts for 2% of global Gross Domestic Product, is now considered one of the largest polluters in the world.

Unfortunately, cheap clothing comes at a high cost for both the planet and the people. The mass production of these clothes compels more people to throw clothes away instead of recycling. While large companies have an easier time demanding that their fabrics be sustainable but have a hard time controlling production. As a small brand, you are more restricted on where you can produce.

So, how can sustainable fashion brands become more eco-friendly?

  • Get Inspired: The only way to ensure that most people have joined the train of wearing sustainable clothing is for sustainable brands to work together. The good news is that most companies have decided to clean their acts up and change their business practices to operate more sustainably.

When it comes to sustainable fashion, these brands will work and push boundaries to put their brand’s mission at the forefront. They are keen on their selection of supplier processes to ensure there is transparency.

  • Find Sustainable Material: Sustainable brands or those that are trying to become more eco-friendly should try and buy sustainable textile mills. It is the role of the production department to educate themselves on the different global impact textiles and where they can get accredited fabrics that have a minimal cost to the environment.

The most obvious step to improving a fashion firm’s sustainability is to change the material it uses. Retailers and manufacturers need to think of how they could introduce sustainable materials into their supply chain and analyze the potential additional costs of sourcing.

  • Transparency: Understanding and reviewing supply chains is now more significant than ever. Sustainable brands need to know and substantiate claims that the material they use and the environment from which they source their materials are ethical and safe for workers.

The questions on the transparency of your supply chain not only impact the environment but also the community surrounding these factories. The more the demand for sustainable clothing, the more likely Companies like Reve Ultime, to invest in sustainable solutions. Therefore, if you are among the people supporting sustainable clothing, visit our store today for a wide collection of clothing.

  • Avoid Fast Fashion: Sustainable brands are now prioritizing durability instead of fast fashion. If customers are willing to pay more for high-quality clothes means they will not need to replace the garment regularly, making companies compensate the smaller volume of sales with higher value.

To create a sustainable fashion industry, designers can choose to make better clothing with sustainable material that when discarded they leave less pollution.

Conclusion: To support the sustainable clothing initiative, we encourage you to shop at Reve Ultime. As a sustainable brand, we work hard to bring our clients clothes made from a sustainable material that won’t contribute to the devastating impact of environmental pollution. Look good today by adopting one or all of the sustainable fashion on our portfolio.

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