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How the Kidney Disease Diet Works With Your Body

articlespostsharing May 19, 2021

If you have recently been diagnosed with kidney cancer or kidney disease, your physician likely has prescribed a full treatment plan that includes medications as well as the kidney disease diet. The kidneys are responsible for many important functions in your body, and following the diet helps to ensure that your kidneys can continue to perform these important functions. However, IgA Nephropathy the diet can be difficult to follow, and it can make it easier for you to follow such a restrictive diet when you understand exactly how it works with your body to promote optimal health.

The Basics of the Diet

Your doctor has likely suggested that you meet with a dietitian or nutritionist to discuss your kidney disease diet. Many people with kidney cancer or chronic kidney disease have other health issues that need to be taken into consideration with a diet, so meeting with a nutrition and diet professional can be helpful. Such professionals can help you to customize a plan that gives your kidneys the ideal nutrients they need, such as animal protein, phosphorous, sodium, and more, and it can also give your body other nutrients it needs to address your other health concerns, too.

How It Works With Your Kidneys

You may be wondering how a kidney disease diet works with your kidneys. This diet helps to protect against the possibility of fatty oxidation occurring in your body. If this process occurs, it creates excessive free radicals in your body, and these can target and damage the entire body, including the heart and brain. The kidneys are responsible for a variety of functions, too, including the production of certain hormones, the regulation of sodium in the blood, and of course the removal of waste. Your kidneys need to work optimally to ensure these functions are performed in the best possible way, so following the diet helps to ensure your kidneys can do these jobs.

Foods to Eat

Your nutritionist or dietician will certainly provide you with a meal plan to follow for your kidney disease diet, but you will find that there are some foods to eat more of that will promote kidney health. Some of these foods include red bell peppers, garlic, cabbage, apples, blueberries, cranberries, and others. While you don’t want to eat a diet that consists only of these foods, you will find that including these in your daily intake of foods will help your kidney health.

What to Avoid

When you are attempting to follow the IgA nephropathy research, there are some foods that you want to avoid. You do want to avoid alcohol intake and, more specifically, beer. You also want to try to eat healthful, natural foods and lean meats, while avoiding processed foods, fatty foods, and foods with high sugar content. These are all hard on your kidneys and can decrease kidney function. Most people do find it to be disheartening and even unpleasant to follow a restrictive diet. However, the fact is that following this diet can help to ensure you have a longer, healthier life with optimal kidney function.

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