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How to Avoid Fighting before the Wedding

Ariel October 29, 2014


Entering into holy matrimony should be something lovely and a day to remember, but not to be remembered by fighting or by something else ruining the day. A wedding should be perfect and without any issues. Fights can breakout from the littlest of sparks, and when that happens, instead of fighting think back to the first days when you fell in love.When preparing for the big day it is easy to get stressed and distracted, especially with the little things, and unfortunately but most of the times the anger is being taken out on the wrong person. Try to avoid venting on your partner, even though you will be together in good or bad, try to make it mostly good.


Everyone needs a little alone time, especially after a hard day of work, and unless you have time to blow out some steam on your own, you will be taking your anger out on the wrong people. Make an agreement with your partner that when you have your alone time, you should not be bothered; it will be great to have at least an hour to just decompress from every day stress. And afterwards, you will be much happier and satisfied with yourself.


It is important to communicate your problems and not to hold them down, otherwise it will just blow up eventually. Talk out your issues honestly with your partner and help out each other if it is possible, the idea is to get closer with your soul mate.
Moreover, it is vital that you communicate clearly, do not interrupt each other and try to listen to each other as patiently as possible, it will mean a lot and it can help with lowering stress levels and also lowering the chances of a fight.

Never yell or shame

If you start blaming, shaming and yelling at your beloved, it will only make the conflict even worse, and after a serious fight it can be days until you go back to normal, with casualties as well. One way to say sorry is to find a wedding gift you know your beloved will like. You are not bribing, rather you are saying that you truly feel sorry and that you want everything to go back to normal without anyone feeling hurt.

Be supportive

Part of marriage means that you and your partner will have to be supportive, which means that in sick or health you will have to make certain sacrifices and that you will have to be there for each other as a moral support. Even when you are fighting, one of the best ways to solve a crisis is to simply hug and show affection. Those actions can be louder than any words.

Last step

If everything else fails, it is perhaps time to visit marriage counseling as a last resort. The professionals there will be able to assess your situation and to tell you what needs to be done in order come to truce and to enter a stable marriage without any problems.
However, all you need is maybe a session or two, so do not feel like you hit rock bottom, you just need certified counseling to help you along the path.

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