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How to build a garden on your balcony?

swipeup002 May 29, 2019

It’s crazy what you can do on a few square meters! Whether on a window sill, a balcony or a terrace, it is possible to cultivate all kinds of ornamental, aromatic and even vegetable plants, provided you respect some fundamentals,”  Here are the steps to follow :

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1- Choosing adapted plants

This is one of the most important points. From simple basil to maple from Japan, passing by tulaghia, a decorative and edible garlic that blooms continuously from April to September, the choice is vast, provided to offer these residents well sized pots, a regular watering, the exposure that suits them and a balanced diet. We therefore exclude high-pitched trees with strong rooting (horse chestnut, cedar, plane tree maple …), with the exception of dwarf forms such as this very rare weeping beech which sits on the balcony of Pierre-Alexander with other deciduous shrubs located on the north side. “In winter, they let the light in the living room and in the summer, their colorful leaves are a feast for the eyes.” The choice of species also depends on the time we have in front of us: if we think of moving in a few years, we will avoid slow-growing subjects. A dwarf tree can take 15 years to measure 1.50 m high…

2 – Properly create space by creating a “cocoon effect”

Before installing plants in all directions, Pierre-Alexander recommends delimiting the areas of passage, storage (garden tools, bike), relaxation, the dining area, etc. The large shrubs (osmanthus, wisteria , horned …) will then reduce scale ratios, hiding the view of a neighbouring building for example, so as to create a “cocoon effect”. Of vines (star jasmine, clematis, honeysuckle according to degree of sunlight) planted in large window boxes along the railing protect potential.  Perennials, roses, bulbs planted at their feet will give an impression of “vegetal proliferation”.

3 – Large enough pots

The traditional terracotta pots, are always very good with, especially, new shades of plum or chocolate that blend well with contemporary interiors. Zinc planters, which skate with time, are a very nice effect, reminiscent of the famous roofs of Paris. We can also opt for wooden containers or, more economical, felt bags appreciated for their nature and their good ground anchorage, especially in a windy situation. Finally, do not hesitate to take advantage of every corner by hanging waterproof pouches, made of a kind of polystyrene, ideal for installing salads, aromatic herbs or bulbs, like this Japanese iris, the persistent foliage and delicate petals that Pierre-Alexander shows us. In any case, make sure that the volume of the containers is adapted to the plants for which they are intended.

4- Do not skimp on the potting soil

First, let’s draw a line on the garden soil, too heavy and asphyxiating, in favour of a well-aerated soil that will oxygenate the roots properly. Pierre-Alexander recommends formulas enriched with microscopic fungi that live in symbiosis with plants. More expensive than cheap peat-based potting soil, these high-end formulas are well suited to potted plants that, unlike those growing in gardens, do not have the ability to draw water and nutrients. nutritiously deep in the soil. Incorporate an organic fertilizer on the surface that will stimulate the microbial life of the soil and deliver the necessary nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and micronutrients as and when needed.

5 – Water but not too often

Automatic drip irrigation is essential. It makes sure that the plants will not fail I am armed with water, in case of “forgetfulness” or prolonged absence.  However, on the necessity of spacing the inputs sufficiently to encourage the roots to develop in depth. Ensure a good balance because a substrate, too dry, risk no longer absorbs water … The ideal is to program an average of 4 watering’s of 2 to 3 minutes per 24 hours from March to June and 6 times 2 to 3 minutes from July to September, before going down again.

These simple rules will allow you to sustain your small plant universe while promoting the growth of biodiversity in the city. “The more green balconies and windowsills there are, the more life there will be,” says Pierre-Alexander, taking the example of these solitary bees that live within a 300-meter radius and must find, inside it, enough to forage for food and ensure their offspring.

Some interesting ideas to create a beautiful balcony garden

The balcony is a natural extension of the interior. Often this space is incorporated into the living room or living room or transformed into a relaxation area. But most often the balcony is used to keep green plants by offering them the perfect environment to grow. In this article we will give you some ideas how to arrange the balcony garden of your dreams.

Modern balcony garden layout ideas

There are many different ways to create a garden balconyWooden pallets are elements that you can easily incorporate into the design of your balcony in the form of furniture or vertical garden for example. They are easy to find, cheap and also very easy to handle.

Modern balcony garden decoration

If you do not like palettes, then you can use something else to decorate your balcony garden. Depending on the size and shape of the balcony, you can use traditional and hanging flower pots. In a small balcony where space for flowers is limited, hanging pots are a great idea. You can also build a system with multiple levels that will allow you to admire the beauty of your green plants. What you should always consider is the size of the space, its design, the color of the walls and the type of plants you want to have. Here are some ideas that will certainly inspire you:

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