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How to Buy Abortion Pills Online

Naveed November 15, 2021

Prior to online access to abortion pills, a person seeking a medication abortion would have to find a nearby abortion provider (hopefully), make an in-person appointment at a medical clinic, and then anxiously wait for their turn in the exam room – all before ever meeting a doctor. For many people seeking an abortion, this waiting period is one of the most stressful aspects of abortion. A long wait between the time a person decides they are ready to have an abortion and the time they receive that care does not serve any medical purpose, does not change the person’s mind, and can impact the type of abortion they may have.

The world is moving more and more into a digital space. Thanks to a change in laws regarding virtual care and telehealth, and increased access to abortifacient medications, it is no longer necessary for pregnant women who want a medication abortion to wait for care. Organizations like Hey Jane offer accessible telehealth services to provide medication abortion services in 1-3 days, without a clinic visit.

Can I buy abortion pills online?

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, access to abortion clinics in the United States has become increasingly difficult. Due to anti-choice organizers and legislators working to close clinics, many people seeking abortions are forced to travel long distances and endure medically irrelevant wait times for care. To combat these restrictions on abortion access and to meet a growing demand for medication abortion, many organizations now offer online medication abortion treatments without leaving your home. Gestational age requirements vary from state to state, but in many states, medication abortion is available online for pregnant women whose gestational age is no more than 10 weeks.

Is it legal to buy abortion pills online?

Since the beginning of time, pregnant women have managed their own abortions with medications and herbal remedies. Today, self-managed abortions (aborting without the supervision of a medical provider) retain their appeal, especially for people who must travel long distances for care, such as those with immigration status issues or who are victims of domestic violence.

Laws regarding self-induced abortion vary by state. Some states, including Oklahoma, Arizona, Delware, South Carolina, and Nevada, have criminalized self-induced abortion. Currently, no one has been prosecuted for ordering abortion pills or obtaining a prescription for the drugs.

Meet Hey Jane: Modern, virtual abortion care

Self-managing your abortion is safe as long as you use reliable medications, have accurate information and instructions, understand how to recognize an emergency situation, and have access to emergency medical care. Medical providers have no obligation to report people who have attempted to terminate their own pregnancies, even in states where this practice is criminalized. To find out whether or not your state allows ordering the Abortion pills in Dubai online, check this site, as laws are constantly changing.

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