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How to Care for Period Proof Underwear

alicesmith June 28, 2021

Period Panties for girls are meant to be a sustainable solution to periods, and if it cannot last long, then that purpose fails. Period proof underwear is delicate and requires special care to continue serving the intended purpose for long. Unlike regular underwear, these panties are made of materials that could lose functionality if exposed to harsh conditions like washing machines, dryers, and harsh detergents.

Essential Steps to Care for Period Underwear

  • Soak

It is essential to soak your underwear after use to rinse off the blood and get rid of any unwanted smell. The best way to soak period underwear is with cold water. The panties are designed to resist stains and, when appropriately washed, should not retain any odor. However, if you are still worried about the freshness of your panties, soak them with a mixture of water and vinegar.

  • Wash

Washing delicate items like period panties requires precaution. If you use a vigorous cycle, you might end up ruining your underwear. It is therefore advisable to hand-wash period panties. When using a washing machine, a washable mesh bag is vital to reduce the impact. Also, use a gentle cycle to make sure the critical parts of the underwear stay intact. Avoid harsh detergents, too, as they might be damaging to the fabric.

  • Dry

The first thing you should know about drying period panties is that you cannot use a dryer. Try to dry your underwear n a more natural way, like hanging it out to dry or laying it flat. Please do not leave it exposed to the sunlight for too long to avoid damaging the fabric.

Hanging your underwear outside in a place with fresh air circulation helps remove any bad smells and keeps it fresh and clean. Make sure to let your underwear dry up entirely because if you leave it damp, it could harbor harmful bacteria and end up retaining awful smells.


Period proof panties should last long when you follow the above care procedure. It is also vital to have several period panties to interchange and avoid overusing one. If you take the necessary precautions, period panties can be both a functional and economical solution to your periods.

Another sure way to ensure your period panty stays as long as it should is by buying the right fit. An undersized or oversized panty may not serve the function correctly, forcing you to eliminate it and look for a perfect size.

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