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How To Change Etihad Airways Flight

henry2409 November 10, 2021

Etihad Airways Flight Change Policy

If you have to change your flight with Etihad Airways, you need not get worried. Etihad airways understand your situation and allow you to change your flight anytime. But as for every service, there are certain terms and conditions that you must follow. In the case of Etihad airways, too, if you have to change the flight, you must know about Etihad airways flight change policywhich we will discuss in the content below.

Stesp To Change Flight In Etihad Airways

  1. As per the flight change policy of Etihad airways, you can change your flight with Etihad airways anytime, but only one change is allowed. Let’s check out the different types of changes you can make with Etihad airways.

·Name change: – As per the policy, if you commit an error and your name doesn’t match the printed ID, you can rectify the error by using its name change policy. You can correct only up to 3 characters in your name.

· Special services: – you can also request special services as per the Etihad airways flight change policy. Like you can request special service for a child traveling alone, a wheelchair for an adult, and a special meal for an infant traveling with you.

· Travel Insurance: – If your booking includes travel insurance, you cannot make any changes. For the rewards flight, a guest seat is also not eligible.

2.As per the flight change policy, you can make only one change 

3. In case the booking involves another airline, you will have to cancel the current booking. You can make a new booking with the correct name 

4. To make any changes, you will have to submit a copy of your passport and essential documents.

5.For third-party booking, you can connect with a travel agent directly to make any changes.

Etihad Airways Customer Service

So once you go tough the above Etihad airways flight change policy, you can change your flight anytime. To change your flight online, you can visit the manage reservation section online and speak to the reservation department to change the flight offline.

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