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How to Choose a One-way Video Interview Software-For recruiters

davidhills March 12, 2021

One way video interviews has been revolutionizing the way we hire and shortlist a talent for the role at any level. It has made possible to review and shortlist right-fit candidates working remotely and without compromising hire quality. Evolution in the recruiting process is driven by ever-growing popularity of the internet and digital platforms, and video interview software is among them. Video interview platforms have enabled organizations to streamline the interview process and help them drop hiring costs.

Before you integrate an online interviewing tool into your HR team, it becomes essential to know how to choose a virtual recruiting software? Selection of an HR technology is not simple. You have to find a dedicated recruiting tool that best fits your needs and optimize your talent acquisition department’s hiring capabilities.

To help you make this decision easier, here are 5 things you should consider when selecting a suitable video interview software: 

Empowering your employment brand

Does your HR tool help you promote your employment brand and story among candidates? Try integrating a virtual interviewing partner that promotes your brand in front of worldwide candidates participating in the interview. To make sure this happens, opt for an interviewing tool that provides a flexible interview customization option. And allows you to add your company’s intro and exit promo videos, color theme, and taglines.

Automates your hiring process

Video interview software is increasingly becoming popular over the years as it shifts your hiring to an automated platform and saves you from time-consuming traditional hiring. Your HR technology should essentially empower with this feature. It helps you reduce interview rounds and makes hiring fast.

Candidate interviewing experience

The candidate’s interviewing experience is equally important as recruiters. A complicated interviewing process may result in a low interview conversion rate that ultimately affects your quality of hire. Before you say yes to HR technology, you must ask yourself, is this tool easy to use? Your interviewing solution should provide simple video recording steps and practice questions to make candidates feel more comfortable.

Collaboration in your hiring team

Collaboration among different hiring stakeholders in a talent acquisition team makes hiring more comprehensive and fairer. It involves more than one person in decision-making and encourages a biased free recruitment process. Your video interview solution should make it easy for your talent acquisition team and hiring managers to collaborate with each other. A well-designed interviewing platform should make it easy to share candidate responses with colleagues, experts, and appropriate hiring managers. Many online video interview platforms, including Jobma, provide you with features to share candidates’ interviews and other details in one click that makes hiring evidence-based. Besides, Jobma helps you improve your HR team’s ability to select the right-fit candidates.


When selecting a digital solution, flexibility is an essential feature that you must not ignore. Your HR technology should be compatible with every popular platform such as ios, mac, and android. Recruiting process is not one size fit for all. It may vary according to the department and position type. Make sure the software you choose can adapt to your needs and help you optimize your ability to hire.

Finally, whenever you decide to integrate an HR solution into your recruitment team, keep in mind that your decision shouldn’t entirely be based on technological advancement. You should also take into consideration the service record of the company you’re going to associate with. To make a better analysis, you can track online reviews of the company’s existing customers and get to know their service experience.

If you are looking for a digital HR solution that can fit right in all sizes of businesses, you should opt for Jobma. It is easy to use, advanced, and highly affordable. To check the software’s compatibility with your hiring team, you can request a free demo of Jobma. Our technical support team will be happy to explain how Jobma is the right HR solution for you.

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