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How to Choose Sippy Cups for toddlers and infants

jessicaadison010 February 8, 2022

How to Choose sippy Cups for toddlers and infants. Once they’re older and you’re ready to start encouraging your child to take a drink out of a glass or a beaker. This article will discuss choices and when to begin.

When is the right time for my baby to start drinking from an empty sippy cups?

Dentists and dieticians advise that infants begin drinking water in a sippy cup as early as the age of six months. The baby can begin drinking water as early as six months old. Regardless of whether they’re breastfed, formula-fed, or in a mix.

Your baby can start drinking from an open cup as early as the moment they are born if they want to. They may require this if breastfeeding but you’re not available or if your baby isn’t able to attach to breasts.

Breast milk can be served in a small soft cup to avoid the risk of nipple confusion. The confusion can occur when you give the baby with a bottle who was breastfed in the first few days.

Beginning to help your child start drinking from sippy cups

Here are some Best Slow Flow Sippy Cups to help your child become accustomed to the idea of drinking from the cup.

Begin by sitting with your baby. tilt the cup gently beginning with to allow them to drink the water.

It may be easier to grasp or hold the Sippy Cups using two handles in the beginning.

Utilizing an open cup or a cup that is free-flow but with no valve can aid your child in learning to drink rather than sucking. Sipping can be better for their teeth.

It is also possible to try using a sloping cup that your baby may find easier since they don’t need to tilt it that far.

Be patient – your young child might spit water or try one tiny sip to begin with.

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Making a choice and using a sippy cups

You’ve probably looked over the different cups available and if you have. You’ll realize that the choices aren’t easy. There are sippy cups and beakers, as well as that is ‘no-spill open and sippy cups for toddlers and babies. Here are a few tips:

Dentists recommend avoiding designs with no spills or sippy cups that have valves within them. They suggest using an open cup or a cup that is free-flowing or beaker.

Your baby may spill drinks at first. However, health experts agree that these types of designs are safer for the baby’s teeth.

Open cups do not require making additional transitions from the bottle through the spout to the open cup.

The prevention of tooth decay in babies

Dentists are concerned about the way that no-spill cups are used could harm the teeth of children in their early years. Drinking a lot of juice or squash from bottles or beakers with no spill implies. That a child’s mouth and teeth are being bathed in sweet acidic liquids. This can cause tooth decay.

This advice will help to safeguard your baby’s teeth:

Dentists believe that the pleasure of sucking sweetened beverages. From bottles are among the most frequent reasons for tooth decay among infant youngsters.

The idea of giving your baby water in an open cup starting at six months will help them develop good habits. It will help them to become independent and also protect their teeth.

If your child is fed through a bottle. It’s advised that they quit drinking bottles with teats as soon as they turn 1 year old. In the event that they don’t, they may be unable to break the habit of drinking from the bottle.

Spouts and clean cups

Clean the entire surface of your baby’s drink or beaker with utmost care. Particularly, any spouts that aren’t properly shaped or valves since they can quickly become a breeding place for bacteria.

Follow your baby’s lead

In the beginning, it is likely that your baby will receive the majority of the liquids. They need from formula or breastmilk milk. Don’t be concerned about your baby’s frustration if he or she gets upset and doesn’t want for water, after taking one or two sips.

If you follow your child’s pace, the transition from a cup will likely be smoother. Provide your baby with a cup of water in a cup as a part of every meal. If later, your baby needs to drink a beverage between meals. Provide them with simple water from the cup.

“Slowly, consuming from a cup will become second nature. Your baby might shock you at how quickly they pick up drinking from a cup.”

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