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How To Choose The Best Intranet Platform

johnmiller3413 January 7, 2022

Running a successful business demands the right workforce, efforts and streamlining of internal processes. Any one of these three things can not be overlooked. These are the pillars that build a successful business.

In the past five years, countless business intranet portals have popped up with an intention of making work life easy for organisations. No doubt an intranet portal can be of huge benefits, especially for businesses making heavy use of sales and marketing. In fact it is due to the popularity of the intranet that has given rise to its various types and options in the market. 

So before we start with the ways to choose the best intranet platforms, please know that there is no ‘one size fits all’ case with intranet. Every organization has its own needs and priorities. Therefore an intranet which is suitable for your business may not be for other organizations and vice versa. But still there are a few things that you must look for, no matter what your business is, to bring a dramatic uplift in your business.

Keep your business goals in mind

The very first tip for getting your hands on the best intranet portal is choosing a portal that fulfils your needs. As mentioned above, do not go for what others are using. Keep revising your solid idea about your goals for business because that will lead you to a great deal. For example, collaboration might be your major focus. You would want your employees to collaborate more and better and this is why you are considering adopting a business intranet in the first place. Hence stick to your motive!

Choose one with attractive UI

If you want your employees to use intranet on a daily basis, show them what they want to see. An attractive UI is what can fascinate the users and encourage them to use the software more. Therefore when you look for the best corporate intranet you must look for a platform that comes along with an attractive UI. With a good looking UI you and your intranet portal can go a long way.

Consider integration of the intranet

Integration is another important thing to look for when shopping for the best intranet platforms. When you are in a business, there are many logistical processes already in motion. Hence introducing intranet would be another edition to these processes. This is why you need a platform that lets you integrate all the processes without any issue. Intranet is supposed to minimize your need to use different applications. Hence if you are still getting through your day without using the portal for 90% of your activities then that piece of software is of no use.

Within the past few years, thousands of businesses both large and small have adopted intranet. Before you choose your portal, you must be aware of what you are looking for. Once you are aware of this, it should not be difficult at all.

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