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How to Choose the Best Technology Stack for Your Startup

Ashish Kumar September 5, 2019

Business incubation centers have become equally important with the rise of ‘E’ – E for “entrepreneur”. These centers provide aid to the young businesses (the ones worthy of it of course) to provide them the platform to grow. You do not always have to come up with a unique idea to be labeled as an Entrepreneur. Becoming an authorized reseller for a company like Spectrum and selling their various products like Spectrum Bundles, Spectrum Cable or Spectrum Phone in your country or area could be a new business idea as well. As no one in your idea would have opted for this before. However, before you start with any business you need to choose a mix of technology stack based on the following:

Web or Mobile?

The first question that should come to your mind and something that you should be clear about in your head is whether you want to design for mobile first or the web. Many people are not clear in their head as to how they would go about this.

First the web or the mobile or both at once?

You can only answer this question if you bring your product to mind and think of the target market for it. Linking your product to the mobility will help you with this decision. For instance, a service like Uber cannot decide to launch the app on the web first. On the other hand, however, a product like beauty scrub does not need to be launched on the mobile as much as it needs to be on the web. So, you make the decision.

You Got ‘Em Resources?

Once you have decided upon the platform that you want to use to reach your market first, it is time to think about the next most crucial thing aka resources. At times (in case you are not a developer or a software solutions architect yourself) it will be hard to find people who will help you build the technology. This usually happens when you opt for a newer technology. Needless to say, that this will cost you more, as well as a limited bunch of people, have the expertise to design it for you. Therefore, it is always a wise decision to opt for a more common technology for the following reasons:

  • It will save you money
  • You will find a pool of people to help you with it

Once your business is big enough, you can opt for expensive alternatives. But to begin with, it is better to opt for a technology you can find big support groups for.

Know Your Product

Before you decide on a technology stack, you need to answer the following questions:

  • Does your product need to support high traffic?
  • Does speed play a critical part?

You would need to sit with your technical team to come up with answers to these questions. And your answers will be the solution to your quest for the best mix of the technology stack. Loads of research will be needed for this step. You would need to explore the types of technology stack used by businesses in a similar domain. Then follow your product as well as your customer rather than solely relying on the suggestions of your tech team to come up with the best-fit technology stack.

Don’t Compare

A technology stack that is fit for one business might not be for the other. Every business has its own demands. Hence, you cannot play the compare game here. Once, you have the answers to the buts, whys, and whos, you will be able to make better decisions.

The Pool of Choices

The back end technologies are based on programming language. And the following are the choices you have while selecting a stack:

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Java

You have to choose from these and the many more programming languages. Developers can choose to use the same or different languages for front-end and back-end of a project.

It is not easy to be a developer or a programmer. Recently, a friend who holds a degree in Information Systems got a project to develop a page for Spectrum Internet. The poor soul spent hours to write a code to be later crashed because he missed a tiny full-stop while writing the code. Therefore, you should also incorporate a margin of time for human errors like these when you plan to launch a website or a product.

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