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How to choose the perfect cake for your Wedding Celebrations: 5 tips

Alex Mahone December 26, 2018

The wedding day is the most important day in one’s life. From the wedding attires to venue decorations, everything considerably is hand-picked to make the most out of this special day. A designer wedding cake is one of the critical aspects of any wedding which need to be picked up diligently. It must be in-line with the wedding theme and decorations, to accentuate the elegance of your celebrations.

Here are the five essential aspects which you should consider to receive an exceptional wedding cake on time:

An expert Baker

With bakeries to be available at each nook and corner of a town, it is essential to choose the one which is reliable and consistent with the quality. After all, you can’t afford to be experimental on your D-day. However, visiting every bakery to check the variety of cakes available with them is a hectic task. How about considering an online cake delivery in Delhi? You can refer to, an exceptional online baker to deliver lip-smacking customised cakes on your doorsteps.

A valid time to choose and order the wedding cake

Never place a last-minute order for a wedding cake. You may miss the elaborative details which a cake must possess to become an eligible wedding cake. It should always match your décor and theme. Baker also needs a considerable time to understand your requirements and bake the cake accordingly. So, still take 2-3 months in deciding and placing an order to bet on the best wedding cake.

Size matters!

The size of your wedding cake largely depends on your guest-list. A cake which cannot suffice your guest-list serving is never an idle deal. On the other hand, the higher the quantity of cake comes at a price. So, it is not judicial to place an order for the over-size cake. If you are planning for limited gathering and your venue is high-ceiling, you can opt for a cake with multiple columns with a limited volume which appears to be larger.

Frosting Choices – An Important Decision

Fondant toppings are more considerable for warmer weddings over the whipped creams. The neat look derived from fondant cannot compete for a cream topping. Especially during summers, a butter-cream cake is prone to melt leading to a spoiled cake due to the higher temperature. But there might be people on your guest-list who do not prefer a fondant cake with flying colours.

Flavours – Running Vs Unusual

Picking up a natural flavour is an excellent way to please a large percentage of your invitees. However, if you want your wedding gala to be exclusive, you can experiment with unusual flavours like Pumpkin. You can also infuse different characters in one cake to offer at least something for everyone.

Cake delivery in Jalandhar for your loved ones is easy with, even if you are sitting in Delhi!

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