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How to Choose the Right Sober Housing?

easternavenuesober April 19, 2021

Sober living homes are the ray of hopes for those looking to walk on the path of sobriety for the rest of their lives. Therapy combined with sober living houses is the best option for addicts. You can choose to for Sober Living in Louisville, KYat any point of your sobriety journey. It doesn’t matter if you are recovering from an addiction or relapsed recently.

Sober Living in Louisville, KY, is for everyone who wants to work hard to live an addiction-free life. Many people have bad experiences with their sober housing stays at free sober housing living facilities. However, that is not always the case. If you choose an excellent sobriety housing society, you will get rid of addiction sooner than expected.

What are sober living houses, and how they function?

Sober living houses are temporary housing facilities meant for people recovering from drug addiction and alcoholism. People who have recently relapsed can also live in a sober living facility. People can come and walk anytime they wish to, or they can stay as long as their therapist suggests.

Sober living houses are privately owned housing facilities or NGO-owned housing facilities. The government also owns some housing facilities for addicts. The sober living houses function on a tenant-landlord relationship. That means if you decide to live in a sober housing facility, you will live as a tenant.

There are many training programs for the owners to understand the legal framework involved in owning and maintaining a sober living house. People living in sober living facilities are expected to share the cost and the other chores. The purpose of sober living facilities is to make people sober, responsible, and accountable.

Tips for choosing the suitable sober living facility

1.  Location plays an important role

One of the most important factors to consider when deciding on a sober living housing facility is the location. People often search for clean and sober housing near me. The first thing to consider is if your sober living housing facility is in a safe and friendly location or not. If you have kids, you should also check if it is nearby any school.

If you go to a private therapist, you should also ensure that the location is not far from the therapist’s office. This will help you efficiently arranging meetings with your therapist.

2.  Be informed

You should not just enter blindly into any sober housing facilities. Firstly, do your homework, check their website and ratings. Then, check the sober housing facilities on the various platforms. You can also ask for their accreditations and certifications.

Also make sure that sober housing facilities have a strict policy against drugs and alcohol. You can also take demos of the internal support groups and the fun self-help activities conducted by the sober housing facilities.

3.  Visit the sober house.

You should visit the sober house before entering into any living arrangement with them to get an insight into their housing rules and requirements. You also get access the people and the living arrangements at the sober living facilities.

You should ask yourself if you feel comfortable here and get the positive vibe or not. If you don’t get the vibe, you should not choose to live there. You should also calculate how many days, weeks, or months you have to live in the sober housing facility.

4.  Review the rules and Asses the staff

You should review the rules and ask the sober housing society to give you a copy of their rulebook. You can find the answers to questions like if the sober housing facilities provide coaches or not, their stance on romantic relationships at the housing space, their visitor’s policy, etc. You might also get answers to questions like how often you can move out and how many self-help activities you need to join.

When you visit the sober housing facility, you understand the staff that plays an essential role in helping people to walk on the path of sobriety sooner than expected. So, you should check if they live in the sober housing complex or not. What is the resident and staff ratio? Does the staff comprise people who are in a recovery process or not?

The Final Take

After accessing everything, you can now understand the financial requirements for staying in the Sober Living in Louisville, KY and decide on the best sober living space.

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