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How to Clean Your Swimming Pool

Stephan321 March 11, 2019

A swimming pool is a great comfort for people living in warm locations as they can take a dip any time. However, homeowners also need to maintain their pools to keep them sparkling clean and perfect for swimming.

Pool owners need to consider many things like maintaining the pool equipment, addition of chemicals and cleaning the surfaces to maintain the cleanliness of the water. Moreover, they also need to maintain them in the off-season.

A professional can visit a pool in your home for cleaning it and adding the chemicals, but they will charge you for every visit. This post shares some tips on how to clean your pool without professional help.

Clean the skimmer basket

The skimmer basket skims the surface of the water and removes the debris before it sinks to the bottom of the pool. The skimmer basket gets clogged with debris if not cleaned for months. You need to remove the basket and clean it using a high-pressure hose or soft brush to remove the debris. Clean it often or at least once a month to make it work effectively.

Pool filter

The pool filter also requires cleaning every month as it filters the water and catches the debris and other things in the water. If you live in a location that receives frequent storms and rains, you need to clean the filter more often. Usually, cleaning the filter once a month is enough to keep it working correctly. It is better to use a pool sand filter than an ordinary filter as it removes the debris more effectively.

Chemical Balance

The balance of chemicals is essential for the maintenance of a swimming pool. Every compound should be in the right quantity to work effectively in the water. Check the details of chemical balance you need to maintain in your pool.

The pH of the water should always be between 7.2 and 7.8.

The alkalinity of water should be between 80 and 120 ppm.

Maintain the calcium hardness between 250 and 450 ppm

The chlorine should be maintained between 1 and 2 ppm.

With frequent usage and many other reasons, the chemical levels may increase or decrease making the water unfit for swimming. You must consult a professional pool maintenance service to maintain the level of chemicals in your pool. Pool owners can check the levels of chemical using a device, but it is difficult to add the right quantity without professional help.


The stabilizer can make the chlorine last longer in a pool. A stabilizer also protects the chlorine from breakdown due to sun rays. Therefore, it is beneficial to use a stabilizer in your pool as you don’t need to add chlorine frequently in the pool.

Clean the tiles

It is common to see the deposits and algae build-ups on the stairs and side of the pool. You can clean the sides of a pool with the help of a brush and skimmer net.

As you scrub the tiles, the debris will fall into the water that you must skim with a skimmer net. It is best to have a helper who can skim the surface or water as simultaneously as you clean the sides.

If you see the formation of algae frequently in your pool, you must add algaecide into the water. Adding algaecide to the water prevents the build-up of algae on the sides and bottom of the pool.

Vacuum the pool

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor of the pool as it is not possible to scrub them with a brush. When you see the debris settling at the bottom, use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the particles and make your floor sparkling clean.

Shock treatment

The pool water becomes hazy after a pool party or continuous rains or storms. The chlorine levels decline significantly after such events, and you need to add more chlorine to bring it to an optimal level. Consult a professional to offer shock treatment to your pool that involves adding a high amount of chlorine to kill the bacteria and clean the water.

Water Level

The water level of the pool should neither be too high nor too low. You need to maintain the correct level of water for the proper functioning of the skimmer basket and pool pump. Moreover, the right level of water makes it easy to use the skimmer net to skim the debris off the surface.

Schedule a service

The pool maintenance also involves the up keeping of pool equipment. Pool owners must check the working of equipment like pool pump, filter, skimmer basket, pool filter and get it services at the right time. The pool pump and filter need regular service as recommended by their manufacturers.

Final words

The above points are the basic pool cleaning tips that every pool owner should know. Maintaining the equipment, chemical balance and cleaning the liner can help maintain sparkling clean water in a pools perth. However, in case of severe problems, you must take professional help to avoid harm to swimmers or pool equipment.

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