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How to connect speakers to a computer in 2021

sumuchetia January 8, 2021

Although laptops usually have built-in speakers, most desktop computers do not. So, if you want to hear sounds from your computer, you should probably plug in the speakers.

You will need:

  1. Computer with sound card
  2. Speakers
  3. a Power socket for plugging into speakers.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to attach the speaker to your computer:

Step 1: Make sure the computer is turned off.

Step 2: Connect your speakers into the socket for electricity.

Step 3: Connect the 3.5mm jack to the cable behind the speaker. You use this plugin to connect to your computer tower.

Step 4: There are small, round, color-coded sockets on the back of the computer tower. Plugging its speakers is usually green. It can be marked with a headphone icon or labeled ‘Audio-Out’.

Press the jack firmly into this socket to get a good connection. If you encounter any resistance, do not continue pushing – the socket attaches to the sound card on the computer’s motherboard and if you push too hard, you can damage it.

Step 5: In some speaker setups, there is an additional ‘subwoofer’, a large third speaker that delivers bass sound. Before plugging it in, find out if your sound card can support multiple speakers.

If this happens, follow the color coding on the back of the tower when you connect the jack – plug the green jack into the green socket, plug the blackjack into the black socket, and so on.

Step 6: Switch on the speakers and your monitor and set the volume button. It turns on when your computer is turned on. If you listen now, you will know that the speakers are working. Don’t worry if you don’t hear.

Step 7: The computer should recognize your system rather than the speakers and respond accordingly. It says ‘New driver found’ and runs through a small setup process. You must click ‘Yes’ to make the appropriate changes.

Step 8: To test if your speakers are working, play the one you know has a soundtrack. Put a CD or DVD in a DVD drive or watch a clip on YouTube.

You can also see that sounds now occur when doing simple things – for example, noise when you click a button or when a window opens or an email arrives.

Follow these steps to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a Windows 10 computer:

Step 1: Go to your computer settings and click on device.

Step 2: Make sure your Bluetooth is powered by sliding across the button.

Step 3: Now turn on Bluetooth and connect your Bluetooth speaker. Check out your Bluetooth Speaker Manual to see how this works as there is a difference in the teaching of different models.

Step 4: Now you will see a list of searchable tools available for pairing. Find your device name and click connect. It connects your device to your computer.

Step 5: Once connected it will send all Windows 10 audio to your Bluetooth speaker.

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