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How to Create a Stylish and Functional Kitchen Closet

jessicaadison010 February 9, 2023

Looking to update your kitchen? A well-designed kitchen closet can be an elegant and efficient way to increase storage space, declutter, and make your home more visually appealing. Learn how to create a functional kitchen closet in the six easy steps!

Measure your Kitchen Closet

Before beginning the project, you’ll need to measure your kitchen closet. This is important so that when you shop for storage solutions they fit correctly in the space. Measure the width, height and depth of your closet before making any purchases. Make sure to also take into consideration any areas where pipes or wiring may be located to ensure a proper fit.

Designing your Kitchen Closet

Once you’ve taken measurements, it’s time to start designing your kitchen closet. Before making any decisions, think about what will be stored in the closet, and how you plan to organize it. Next, decide on a color scheme and find shelving or drawers that fit not only into the measurements of your space but also match your desired aesthetic.

You’ll also want to consider materials when selecting shelves or drawers and make sure they are both durable enough to hold your items and aesthetically pleasing as well. Careful thought and measurement is key for any successful kitchen closet design project.

Choose the Right Cabinets and Shelves

Once you’ve accurately measured and measured again to establish the dimensions for your kitchen closet, it’s time to choose kitchen cabinets and shelves. Determine what you plan to store in your closet and what type of storage solutions you’ll need.

Think about whether adjustable shelves or built-in drawers are the best option and opt for those that fit within your budget. Additionally, this is a great time to choose a style and color scheme of cabinets that you feel will compliment your kitchen.

Implement Smart Storage Methods

Storage solutions are important for keeping kitchen items organized and tidy. Some good ideas are to utilize racks and hooks on the wall, built-in drawers systematically placed around the closet, stackable shelves or trays to increase vertical storage, foldable appliance holders that can magnetically attach below cupboards or shelving—get creative and think out of the box! Utilizing smart storage methods will help you make the most of your kitchen closet space.

Accessorize with Organizers

Add extra storage with functional organizers that blend in with your kitchen environment. Built-in drawers and bins can help maximize space, or try separate units like wire racks, over-the-door hooks, peg board systems, lazy susans and pull-outs.

You can also accessorize with baskets to store small items like condiments or utensils, while magnetic strips or shelves are great for spices and other containers. Finally save counter space by adding pot and pan racks or slip them away in special sliding drawers.

Finish with a Design Touch

To finish off your kitchen closet, focus on the details! Make sure everything fits in with the rest of your kitchen environment. Paint the walls a light, neutral color to keep it open and add reflective surfaces to give a feeling of expansiveness. Retiling backsplashes might cost a little more but will bring an architectural touch to any space. Add lighting fixtures around or inside the closet, and hang artwork or shelf decorations that match your kitchen’s theme. With a few tweaks, you can make your kitchen closet stylish – and incredibly functional!

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