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How to Create and Set up Your own Shopify Store?

cartcoder123 October 30, 2020

Everyone knows Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms but did you know what this tool is, or how it works. Now you will say Shopify is a software that you pay for using the SaaS model. 

Well, Shopify is more than just software. If you pay for a year’s worth of support at once, you will benefit from a slightly reduced cost. By being e-commerce business owners and merchants you can create a website and use a built-in shopping cart solution to sell both offline and online around the globe.

In the Shopify store, you can access the admin panel, here you can see the products for sale, write descriptions, process orders, etc. You can get free advice initially and as your store progress, you can hire Shopify store setup experts. They can help you to manage the complex stuff.

When I decided to set-up a Shopify store, I have gone through the expertise of real people so that I can learn something from their experience. 

Did you know how to set up a Shopify store? 

Go to the Shopify home page and click on the Get Started button at the top right of the screen. You will lead to a simple form where you have to enter an email address, password, & store name in the appropriate boxes. 

Of course, filling in your details is a security concern but don’t worry, the reason Shopify wants your details is to ID your store if you ever call their support line. From my own experience, I can say that Shopify does not sell your details to other companies and sources.

Adding an address is also required for billing purposes. Plus it makes Shopify more trustworthy as only real businesses operate there. I agree you might find it a bit tedious but is an essential part of how to set up a Shopify store.

I think after going through the above stuff you are convinced enough about Setting up a Shopify store. There are several other things also you need to get to know before setting up a Shopify store.

Title: Title is important to attract customers so it should be clear, descriptive, and simple for search engine purposes.

Search Bar:It helps you to find parts of your store. You can find anything directly by typing it in here.

Product Description: It is important to sell your products with quality content in detail about your product details

Navigation Menu: It is important to track your records regarding orders, sales, and product views.

ImagesWith a great product look your sales can easily get on a high graph. So opt for the best images possible and wowed by how appealing your products are.

Add ProductIt creates product variations you are going to sell.

Tags: Tags are important to keep your store organized. It helps customers to find products easily.

Customize Theme: You can opt for a free theme and customize it.

Pricing and Taxes: It automatically import prices and taxes with specialized software, or input it yourself.

SettingsThrough setting, you can do modification in your Shopify stores like store work and store name.

Variants: Variants are important because it includes size, color, and Embellishments of every stripe.

Change Shopify Plan: This is the essential step when you start selling products you need to pick a payment plan and I would recommend you to go with the basic plan.

CollectionsYou can group products into a sequence of the collection so that customers can find them without any hassle. It could be anything like, products or the collection on sale, depending on your requirements

Activity Log: Here you can see all the changes you made to your store.

SKUs and Barcodes: If you don’t have any SKUs, use it to generate a quick and easy solution for keeping track of all your products.

Sales: With vital analytics, you can access total sales here.

Shipping: Through shipping, you can add product weight, custom info, & shipping service depending on your preferences.

Your Profile: You can simply modify your profile details including the two-step authentication and this is a must to protect your store.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):It helps you to preview how product titles & details will appear on search engine results.


From the above, I would say it’s not that complex to set up a Shopify store. Ready for your First Shopify Store? Cartcoders is a Shopify store setup provider company that offers you a Shopify Store Setup service to develop your highly scalable & reliable Shopify store.

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