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How to Design a Luxury Hotel-Style Bathroom

LenaH August 30, 2021

If you want to recreate that luxurious hotel bathroom vibe in the comfort of your own home, this guide will help you turn your home bathroom into an elegant and expensive-looking bathroom. 

Choose Luxurious Materials

Firstly, when designing a luxury hotel-like bathroom you need to start with picking the right materials. The best way to replicate the hotel-like effect of a bathroom is to choose materials that make the space feel elegant and new. Materials like glass and marble always go well together. 


Marble may just actually be the most common material in all 4-star+ hotel bathrooms. This fine material simply transforms the whole room and instantly makes it feel luxurious. With its stunning surface and elegant yet very natural-looking patterns that reflect the lighting in the room, marble is one of the most beautiful and elegant materials you can choose for your bathroom. 

Apart from being very aesthetically pleasing, marble is also a very durable material and that is why it is often used for hotel bathrooms. The material is made to withstand over thousands of guests who come to the hotel. Also, marble goes with pretty much anything and that makes it a great choice no matter what accessories you plan on adding in your bathroom. You can go for a marble floor, marble countertop or simply add little details and accessories that are made from marble in your bathroom.


Hotel bathrooms also have a lot of glass. This material is great for the bathroom because it makes the space feel big and it will make your bathroom appear well-kept, organised, and clean. Just make sure you maintain the glass and keep it clean. If it’s all smudged and dirty, it will not look so elegant. Glass, just like marble, is a very reflective surface and it will make the light bounce around the bathroom. 

Tile All Over

Achieving the modern and luxurious look of hotel bathrooms requires simplicity and a very sleek look. In other words, clean lines and minimalistic approach are in trend right now. It has been very popular lately to install tiles that look almost identical to real stones and this design can give your bathroom a very edgy look. 

Apart from incorporating stone-like design in your bathroom, generally installing a lot of tiles is always a good idea. Not only are tiles extremely durable but they are also great materials for a bathroom used by many guests and that is why hotels use them as the primary material in the bathroom. That is why a lot of tiles can be used for your bathroom too but you need to incorporate them the right way. If you know what you’re doing, the tiles and the design can create a complete makeover for your bathroom. However, if you don’t know how to best implement a lot of tiles, you will end up creating a completely opposite effect. 

Consider Using Black

Black is simply a timeless colour. It will never go out of style. If you want an especially luxurious and sophisticated bathroom, consider incorporating the colour black in the space. However, you need to do it strategically. The last thing you want is to drown the room with too much black. You can go for black tiles, but make sure there is enough lighting in the room. On the other hand, you can make a statement by adding a black sink. That can be a perfect focal point in your bathroom. 

You also need to be careful so that you’re working with the layout of your bathroom. If your bathroom is small, better use white as the main colour since it will make the bathroom appear larger. Then, only use black for a focal point or by adding details and accessories. If your bathroom is larger, then by all means add black wherever you want without any worries. 

Light Surroundings

The lighting can be what highlights the beautiful design in your bathroom and ties the whole thing together if you know how to incorporate it the right way. All of the luxury hotel bathrooms are well lit and the lighting nicely complements all of the textures, materials and colours in the room. 

Since most hotel bathrooms don’t really have natural lighting, the most important factor is how you place your artificial lighting. It’s all about focused lighting and carefully arranged spotlights that highlight the most beautiful aspects of the bathroom. You can also add a light dimmer that can create a beautiful and intimate atmosphere for those warm late-night baths. 

You can also incorporate mirrors in the bathroom that will create an illusion of a larger space. 

Create an Organized Space

For a sleek and elegant look, your bathroom needs to be tidy and organised. You will never see a hotel bathroom looking all messy and cluttered. For that reason, you need to think strategically about your space and where you put away your stuff. Having sufficient storage is extremely important. Everything needs to have its own place and be out of the way. You can find storage within your vanity; you can add storage space on the walls and add in a cupboard or a medium-sized wardrobe for stuff like your towels, skincare products, and so on. 

Elegant Vanity

The most important part of the bathroom is the vanity. This part of the bathroom can be a great focal point if you’re not afraid to experiment with colours and designs. Bathroom vanities are not only great for their aesthetic purpose, but they also add a lot of storage space which, as we already mentioned, is very important if you want your bathroom to look tidy and organised. You can experiment with different colours, textures and materials to create a unique vanity. Make sure it gets the spotlight it deserves under a stunning light. 

Think about the Shower

Be prepared for some larger investment when it comes to your shower. This is where you will be relaxing after a long day at work. You need to make sure your shower or bathtub feels nice and clean but also looks good within the bathroom design you have created. 

Don’t forget to invest in a high-quality showerhead. This is what makes luxurious hotels different from cheap ones. The showerhead needs to be able to provide a better water pressure but saves water at the same time. The last thing you need after a long day at work is weak water pressure from the showerhead. 

Another nice addition to your shower that can make it feel even more luxurious is a waterfall shower. 

Work with Wood

Alongside other bathroom materials we have mentioned, we can’t possibly forget wood. This natural material is great for almost any room, but it can especially add a touch of elegance and simplicity to your bathroom. It can go well with the black bathroom design to break up the room. Just add it in moderation and make sure to fit in well with the bathroom layout. 

Buy Fancy Towels

Lastly, having fancy bathroom towels will make you feel like you’re staying in an expensive hotel all the time. Invest in some warm, cosy and fluffy towels to wrap yourself in after a long and relaxing shower or bath. They will make you feel like you’re in a luxury spa. Make sure you wash them and maintain them nicely. 


All things considered, a mixture of fine materials, attention to detail, and some atmospheric lighting, you too can have a luxurious hotel-like bathroom in your own home. 

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