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How to Find and Customize Shopify Page Templates?

cartcoder123 April 1, 2021

In Shopify, every page uses a default layout when you create a new page. The automatic template and themes in the Shopify theme store are all rigorously evaluated by the Shopify team, are flexible and editable, and cost up to $180. It includes things like the formatting and layout of the content as it appears on the page with style, graphics, and font.

Now back to the question of how to choose Shopify Page Templates

The major benefit is Shopify has a list of pre-designed Shopify page templates that will impact how the content is displayed once the page is published and live. Although the Shopify page template depends on the theme you have installed. Eventually, you can view the list of available page templates any time you create a new page in Shopify. 

Additional Shopify Page Templates

Shopify themes provide you pre-built page templates which you can’t select when creating a new page. Because templates are designed for primary pages in your online store. You can use individual page templates within the theme editor.

The theme editor also provides you some basic customization options for Shopify page templates including the ability to edit the code of the individual template files 

Want more templates in Shopify?

  1. Create an alternate page template from Scratch.

This can be a not-so-good choice to opt for, at least for people who aren’t familiar with coding. You can learn through several advanced tutorials and support Shopify provides for custom page template creation, adding sections, and theme editing. 

  1. Purchase a theme with more page templates. 

Shopify offers different page templates and each of them has different features and design options. Now, these are the basic page templates that exist for every Shopify store. 

Your Shopify store includes the following templates for pages:

  1. Home page
  2. Password page 
  3. Collection pages
  4. Collections list
  5. Blogs
  6. Shopping cart
  7. 404 error page
  8. Contact page

Sandbox is a popular theme developer for Shopify that provides several premium themes on the Shopify Theme Store. Most of the Shopify themes include additional page templates you can use to modify as per shown content.

Let’s see how the page templates offered in Shopify themes:

The page the multi-column template creates several columns on a page through a split function. It saves retailers from an uncertain code to add content modules in columns.

On the other side page narrow template reduces the content field of the default page template, creating more whitespace on either side of content and makes it easier for consumers to use. 

  1. Use a page builder application with pre-loaded page templates.

It’s not important to buy premium Shopify Readymade Theme development Services to get access to more page templates in Shopify. A visual drag and drop editor makes it easy for you to design custom Shopify pages in just a few clicks but creating pages from scratch still be a headache. This is why you can add several pre-made page templates tested and proven to perform in e-commerce stores.

‍How to Edit Shopify Page Templates?

Generally, there are two ways to edit page templates loaded into the Shopify theme.

Manually edit the template file in Shopify. Navigate to Online Store>Themes in Shopify admin dashboard. The next step is to click on Customize to the current theme. When the customization window opens, select the page template you want to modify in the upper dropdown menu. Now you can make basic modifications to the Shopify page template. In case the additional sections not currently available, then you require to edit the code for the individual template files.

Edit Shopify Page Templates Easily with Cartcoders:

In case you are not satisfied with your page template look and function in Shopify, Cartcoders make it easy to customize them with just a few clicks. Cartcoders helps you import all your store pages and template files. You are free to use visual editors to adjust the placement of content, just add any element and sections of your choice and republish the content on the Shopify store.

Why Special Page Templates that Important?

Custom page templates have major benefits, although you don’t require a different page template for every page in the Shopify store.

Page templates make it easy for you to modify layout across multiple pages using the same template.

You can also pre-built Shopify page templates through the deployment of custom landing pages faster for marketing campaigns.

Shopify page template lets you present content in the best light for specific types of pages.

It focuses on the visitor’s attention based on how they reach your store and increase the chances for a conversion from a new visitor.

Your custom page templates can have an impact on whether or not a customer purchases from your store.


The above information will help you to have a custom template page for your marketing campaigns, promoting individual products or categories, and take control of how content is displayed in your Shopify store. Want to learn more? Visit Shopify Theme development Company, At Cartcoders to build a high-quality Shopify e-commerce website that is much ahead of your expectations in an aspect of quality, service standards, timely delivery, & pricing of course.

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