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How to Find Right Fashion Earrings for Your Facial Shape

angelaj December 11, 2019

Choosing an earring according to your facial attribute is the mantra to look the best. It is not something you can ignore. In fact, you should an expert guide to making the right choice. Apart from your facial features, you also need to consider your attire before buying a pair.

Here is the expert guide you can follow and make the best addition to your earring collection. Just match the type of face you have and get the best ideas of earrings for girls to collect.

  • Oval face

It is perhaps the most common type of face the ladies have. The reason for putting this facial shape at the beginning is that this face cannot go wrong with any traditional or modern earring design. Whether you like hoops or balis, jhumkas or dangles, make sure that the earring design is not too long. Keep them short and savvy.

  • Square face

The square face type has a significant jaw line that gives the characteristic sharp feature. This feature can be paired with oval-shaped earrings. On adding a smooth-edged earring design to your attire, you will perfectly polish your facial shape and give it a brilliant look. Go for drop earring, oval hoops, and other vertical designs to drop some jaws on the way.

  • Round face

This type of face has an even silhouette as the jaw bones and jaw line are in perfect coordination. All the features on this particular type of face are even and polished. A round face goes extremely well with longer fashion earrings that complement your round facial attributes. In fact, you can contrast your look by adding abstract geometrical earring designs to get a sharper look.

  • Rectangular face

A rectangular face comes with a sharper chin and a flat jaw line parallel to the collar bones. This is probably one of the rarest facial shapes. It is your best friend when it comes to choosing suitable earrings. Go for heavier designs, in this aspect, as the rectangular face carries them confidently. Heavy jhumkas and chandeliers are the top choices.

  • Heart face

Definitely, the heart face makes the guys skip a beat. The exclusive features of the jaw bones and chin give it the heart-like shape. Let us concentrate on the earring design here now. In this case, the chin is smaller and sharper. You need to add more volume to your facial attributes. Go for multilayered jhumkas that dangle close to your collar bone. You can also choose modern fashion earrings with an inverted triangular shape.

  • Diamond face

The diamond face is comparatively longer than all the shapes mentioned above. If you have a diamond face, your chins and jaw line will need more volume from the earrings. Add voluptuous jhumkas and traditional hoops so that you can make your facial shape more even.

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