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How to find the outstanding shapes of cereal boxes?

sophiaisabelle November 15, 2021

Cereal boxes popularity

Cereal has been one of the most popular food items to consume all over the world. It can be eaten any time of the day but it is famous as a breakfast. The simple reason is the freshness and the energy it provides to the body. Additionally, there can be anything that can be added to the fresh bowl of cereal in the morning. Anything that the person wants which they think will be healthier for them like almonds, can be easily added and eaten with the cereal.

 The cereal boxes have been around since the 1970s and there have been boxes that are still bought and sold from that time period. These boxes are invaluable to the collectors and people have been paying thousands of dollars to get their hands on such boxes. With time, there have been many changes in the style of cereals. From the custom buy boxes of cereal to the cereal inside the box, everything has been changed and modernized. There are many brands of cereal out in the market and all of them have something special to offer. Some of the cereal attracts children while some are specially made for adults.

Kids as the main consumers

While the cereal is made for all age groups, considering the requirements of the adults in mind, the most sold cereal is not the one with that idea. The cereal that is sold most is the one that is made for children. Children’s cereal has a wide market and a big customer base. Even the adults cannot help but try some of the cereal. This makes the cereal sale for the children even higher. 

The reason the children are so fixated on the cereal is because of all the shapes and coloring of the cereal itself. The first thing that grabs the attention of the customer is the packaging. The packaging comes in all types of different colors and shapes. 

Most of the time it has pictures of cartoons and famous characters for the children. After the packaging, the cereal itself is made with these features in mind. The cereal is colorful as well just like the box and the advertisement on the box. The next thing is the shape of the cereal inside the box. The cereal is given the shape of stars, circles, and many others to attract more attention from the children.

Attractive design

The design of the cereal is always something that the children are excited about. Starting right from the box, there is always something fun associated with the cereal boxes. These boxes can be made into puzzle boxes as well. This keeps the children interested in the breakfast by giving them something new to look forward to every morning. 

The best shapes for the cereal boxes are the ones that are shown on the tv screens in the most recent cartoons. There are cereal companies that have their own characters and print them on the packages just like a mascot. The other companies make use of tv commercials and cartoon characters to sell their own product. These shapes and cartoons might appear weird to the adults and parents, but it is what attracts the children to the cereal every day.

 Some children love to play with their cereal boxes if they have some funky shape. It might not be the best practice to let the children play with their food. In the case of cereal, it is the first type of food that the children learn to eat by themselves. It is somewhat fine for the children to explore the box for anything hidden within it. 

Marketing and industry

The cereal and the breakfast industry have been blooming since the early 70s. There are cereal packages or boxes that are still in circulation that can cost thousands of dollars. This proves enough that the market for cereal aside, the market for the cereal boxes is on the rise as well. 

There are many other kinds of cereal available in the market but the first thing that the customer observes is the appearance of the product. The more appealing the outside of the box is, the better is the chance for the product to be sold and make a profit. 

In the case of the cereal, the thing that made the most profit was the boxes. No one remembers the cereal or its tastes but all the people remember the advertisement and the colors associated with the circle.

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