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How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

pestcontrol August 5, 2021

Since thousands of years, bed bugs have been known to be a human pest. These tiny, wingless insects are ideal for hiding in cracks or crevices in boxes springs, headboards, mattresses and other bedding. They eat only the blood of warm-blooded animals and humans. They can cause cutaneous and systemic reactions in humans, and they are usually treated by symptomatically. Because they are resistant to many chemicals, bed bugs can be difficult to eradicate. Bed bugs can have an emotional impact and a major impact on the public’s health.

Pesticides are now only used indoors when absolutely necessary. Hotels used to treat their guest rooms with pesticides in the past. This would have prevented bed bugs from getting into the hotel.

They are also resistant to most pesticides that they come across on their journeys. It is possible to eradicate bed bugs using scientific advances and biological knowledge.

Bed bugs are known for their stealthy sneaking into people’s belongings and traveling long distances. Bed bugs can infest any indoor environment provided they have a blood meal. They can be found in many other places than the bed once they are inside a new environment.

Bed bugs prefer humans as their primary host, but they will also feed on rodents, cats, dogs and birds if needed. They like to eat at night, while humans sleep. They can puncture skin using their beak-like mouthparts. A fluid in their saliva prevents blood clotting and allows them to get more. A bed bug can feed for up to three to fifteen minutes depending on its age. The bed bug will seek out a crack or crevice to rest and digest its food once it has finished eating.

Bed bugs are six-legged insects with the appearance of flaxseeds. Their reddish brown bodies are 1.5mm (1/16 inches) to up to 5mm (1/5 inches) in length. You can see them clearly with your naked eyes.

Bed bugs can be as flat as a credit-card size card. Until you let them eat your blood. They can turn round after eating due to their ability to consume 3x their body weight.

Bed bugs will often scurry to the nearest hiding place if they are seen. A good hiding spot is a dark area, such as a mattress or a picture frame.

You can see bed bugs moving quickly and it can appear like they are flying. Bed bugs can’t fly or jump, they only crawl.

If you live in multiple units and the building management has asked that you prepare your unit for treatment, this typically involves emptying your storage space to make it easier to inspect, organizing all of your belongings in bags and placing them in bags. The pest control operator will often give you instructions on how to prepare for treatment or inspection.

The thing is that bed bugs have many alarm pheromones. These odors are intended to alert their pest companions but humans can also pick up the scent. Contact a Pest control Brisbane company immediately if you smell a sweet, unidentified odor.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to go when bed bugs infest. Although many believe that a spray bottle or powder purchased at a local box store will solve their problem, these products are unlikely to eliminate all bed bugs. Although a few bed bugs may be able to escape from the treated area, they cannot penetrate the walls or other areas that contain the majority of the colony. A trained pest control professional is required to completely eradicate bed bugs. These professionals are trained to identify bed bugs’ hiding places and have the best tools for treating and removing them.

Call a bed bugs pest-control company if you suspect that bed bugs are present. Bug sprays and foggers should be avoided. These products are unlikely to have any effect on bed bugs.

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