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How to Get Rid of Possums – Possum Control

pestcontrol August 28, 2021

Possums are usually non-aggressive animals, but they can create unsanitary conditions and may turn aggressive if they become diseased. There are several ways to get rid of possums if they are hanging out in your yard. Most solutions simply involve making the environment less appealing. However, you can set traps to capture possums and physically remove them if other simple solutions don’t work. Possum Removal Perth

Know where possums tend to live and what attracts them to an area. Possum means opossum in some regions of the United States; possums belong to the opossum family along with other types of marsupials including koalas and kangaroos. These animals like dense brush for shelter wooded areas produce a lot of possums. They feed on fruit and plants, particularly the nightshade family of plants including tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant.

If possums are living in your yard, check for brush piles or other areas that possums might be using as shelter. Move these away from the area you want to keep possum-free. Also remove any fruit trees or plant crops that possums like to eat near your house since they will return to an area where they have had success finding food in the past.

Possums can create unsanitary conditions because their feces may contain echinococcal granuloses tapeworm eggs that cause tapeworm cysts . The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends wearing gloves while cleaning possum feces or urine and washing your hands thoroughly after.

The best defense against possums is a good offense – preventing possums from entering the area in the first place. Close off any entry points possums might use to get into your yard such as holes in fence lines or gaps under barn doors. Use metal mesh netting on open areas underneath roofs, decks and outbuildings to keep possums out.

Formulate a possum extermination plan if you have been unsuccessful at reducing possum numbers with prevention methods alone. Set possum traps near likely shelter areas if possums are living under porches or other raised wooden structures on your property where it’s easy for them to find shelter during the day when they are most active.

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